I Do Not Have A Post

Oya, guys. So, I don’t have a post this week. Things got really busy, and I forgot to figure something out. There was schoolwork and going places and organizing my sister’s Spotify playlists . . . which to be honest is a bit weird because she’s supposed to be the organized one. While I was doing that I found lots of cool game soundtracks, like The Bradwell Conspiracy and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I actually have been playing a lot of video games recently, another reason why I don’t have a post. I feel like being a YouTube gamer would be a lot easier than blogging. If you don’t have an idea for a video, you can collab with a friend or do a dumb amusing challenge. With a blog you have to kind of have a point.

Speaking of videos, I just found a series playing through this game called Horizon Zero Dawn, and it’s incredibly epic. The story of the game is just brilliant, and the worldbuilding! -happy sigh- It’s set in the future, where apparently after getting to a really cool point in technology everything went horribly wrong and now things have sort of started over and the culture is vaguely Native American-ish, and there’s random robot monsters wandering about and being cool. They way they did it has given me really good ideas for a post-apocalyptic story I’ve been planning, even though it’s nothing like it plot-wise. I actually got the original idea for this story from a dream I had. Usually, my dreams are pretty plot-heavy, but they don’t make enough sense to base a story on them. I’m glad that this one did because it was actually quite enjoyable.

Apparently, having dreams with plots is something that usually only intuitive types have. (This goes with the whole MBTI thing, by the way.) So my mom, who is a sensor (the opposite of intuitive), has very boring, realistic dreams that don’t really do anything, but my dad has dreams like I do and we have the same personality type. Mine are a lot more fun though, probably because I’m a writer. My brain likes to make up stories even when I’m sleeping. Before I’m sleeping, too. Sometimes I can’t sleep for hours because I just can’t stop playing through scenarios in my head. Kinda reminds me of that song ‘A Million Dreams’. I actually sang that with my choir last year. It was really cool. I went to choir on Friday, and I was sooooo tired I could barely sing. That morning my little sister came into my room to wake me up at like 4 am. I’d gone to sleep at around 1:45, also, so I was completely exhausted the whole day. Choir wasn’t even the only thing I had that day; I had to leave the house at 6:30 to go to Teen Serve, which is a homeschool thing where we go to different places and help people out. This time I went to a couple different nursing homes and played Scattergories (my team dominated) and help some people clean their kitchens. I love doing it, but I have to be really enthusiastic and smiling and interactive and it is really hard when you’re running on three hours of sleep.

Writing is also extremely difficult in that situation. Everything is, really, but especially writing. I didn’t get much work done on any of my WIPs even though I mostly had the week off from schoolwork. However, I did finally finish rewriting the third chapter of Embers Burning, which has been begging to be worked on since before NaNoWriMo. That felt somewhat satisfying. It would feel a lot more satisfying to finish the whole book, but obviously that’s not happening any time soon. I really do wonder how some people can write like two or three novels a year. How do they have the time? How do they have the inspiration? How do they make the words go? Do they even really exist? I have absolutely no clue.

Anyway. All this to say, sorry I don’t have a blog post this week. I hope you guys aren’t too disappointed.


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