A Visitor From The Author’s Attic

Oya, everyone! Guess what? One of my very favorite authors ever, Rolena Hatfield, is here today to do an interview!

Hello, friends of Ashley! I’m super honored to do this! 

Yayy! All right, the first question I have for you is . . . how long have you been writing?

So I have been writing for just about as long as I can remember. I used to write little stories in grade school and bind them up with construction paper for covers 😛 I wrote my first story of any length when I was 10 years old and have just kinda always been in love with words ❤ So I typically say I really started when I was 10. 🙂 

Wow. Y’know, that’s about when I started too. I was terrible however. What made you  want to start writing in the first place, other than just because you wanted to? Was there someone who inspired you? 

Yay! We’re writing twins! 😀 I was an avid reader ever since I learned to read. I adored books and was not often found without one. However my parents weren’t really readers and once I’d read ALL the books we owned, my mom was like “why don’t you try writing your own story”. That was at age 10 😀 and so I guess she was the first to inspire me and is ever the supportive cheerleader of my work. 😉 

Awww. That’s cute. So, you’re quite an experienced author at this point. What genre or genres do you usually write in, and why? 

Right now my main genre is superhero! That came about because of a general love of all things superhero and the question that really sparked me wanting to explore this genre was “what would it really be like to be a superhero in our world today”? I’ve also written some fantasy, dabbled in historical fiction, and tried my hand at contemporary and sci-fi. It’s been hard to choose one, but I believe I’ll be sticking with superhero and fantasy in the near future. 

Yesss. My two favorites! Interestingly, you have actually published books before! Can you tell me about those, and the ones you’re currently working on?

*gasps* My secret is out! 😛 

So the only book I’ve published is called Daughter of Treasure and it was the story I wrote for the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. I definitely sent it into the e-book world before it was ready, but someday I’m thinking of coming back to the book and giving it a good rewrite. (It’s about pirates and treasure and exploding things, so yeah, definitely coming back to that one :P)

The novel I’m currently working on is entitled Spectrum. It’s about Jayce and his league of superhumans who hide from the world because if someone finds out you’re super-duper, the next moment you’ll be dead and they can take your power. It’s also an exploration of choices and consequences. And of course epic superhuman battles 😉 

-bounces because I know some stuff about that one- That is legitimately awesome. Which of your characters is your favorite one? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell them)

(Beware. They may try to get this out of you. 😉 ) I’m going with my character El. She has force field powers and dresses like a punk (blue streaks in her hair and all that jazz). But she keeps surprising me and deep down beneath her hard shell all she wants is to be loved. Plus she’s kinda sarcastic and that’s always a good time. 

Ooooh yes. I want to meet her now! Speaking of characters, if you could choose one of them to become real, who would it be?

Ooooh. I love this question. Probably my girl, Ursa. (sorry boys!) We both have a similar liking for tea. She’s a lot quieter than I am, but I adore her bravery and I feel like in real life we’d be great friends. (Plus she has telekinetic powers and that could come in really handy haha)

Um, yeah! When you’re writing all these amazing people and their stories, what kind of music do you like to listen to, if you listen to any? 

Superhero soundtracks all the way! Top faves are Iron Man 3, Thor the Dark World, and for spunky occasions, Spiderman Homecoming. 😀 

So, you work for the website Story Embers. What kinds of things do you do? 

So my role description at Story Embers is Outreach Manager. This basically means that when we have a project we’d love get an author/editors/publishing industry leader’s advice on or have them share something with our audience, I reach out to them and coordinate an interview or feedback or whatever our project is looking for. Simply put, my job is talking to some of the most amazing authors and introducing them to some of my favorite people. (Story Embers peeps <3)

What is your favorite thing to describe? 

Inanimate objects as if they were personified. 😛 

Why do you like squirrels so much? (Other than the fact that they’re generally fantastic) 

Haha! They are a perfect representation of what I would be like if I were an animal. Easily distractible, random and adventurous. Other than that they’re simply adorable. ❤

Here’s an important one; What advice would you give an aspiring writer?

Keep writing, but don’t forget to read. Reading shows us how far we’ve come and where we want to grow as writers. It’s like learning from the steps of those before us who have already applied (or attempted :P) the writing skills and style we aspire too. 

All right, here’s the big one, the most important thing on this interview . . . describe a potato, in your style. 

Such a random question! (my squirrel heart is happy 🙂 )

A tough skinned fellow with eyes that cannot see, but are every bit of deliciousness. 

Thank you soooooo much for coming over, Rolena! This was really fun. Hey, if you guys want to check out Rolena’s blog, it’s called The Author’s Attic and is extremely awesome. Also check out Story Embers, a place where young authors can share ideas and learn more about their craft.

See you guys next week!


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