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A while ago, I was leant a book. The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen. People had been telling me to read it for months, but I never got around to looking it up. Then all of a sudden my friend was like ‘Hey this is my favorite book would you like to read it?’ and as I am always starving for new books I snatched it and ran.

I fell in love after the first page. Sage is snarky and sneaky and one of the cleverest idiots I’ve ever met. (As a sidenote, Sage is very similar to myself in many ways, at least I think so. It’s always great when you find a character you can relate to, especially when he’s making stupid choices that you would totally make in his position.)

And Sage wasn’t the only exceptionally fantastic charrie in this story. Every single person you meet is unique, expertly crafted with their own goals and desires and emotions. They all feel like real, natural people.

Moving on from my obvious character obsession . . . the plot.

The only thing I can say is that I came into this book thinking I knew what the plot would be.

I was immediately wrong and so very happy about it.

So the premise of The False Prince was probably inspired by The Prince and the Pauper. In this kingdom, the entire royal family has died (-cough cough- been murdered -cough-) and there’s a bunch of people wanting to rule. So this one guy goes around and finds a bunch of boys who look like the younger prince who went missing several years ago. They have to train to pretend to be the prince, and whoever does it the best gets to be Prince Jaren. The others . . . . well . . .

Sage is one of these boys, and he does not want to be the prince. He’s got no diplomacy or fighting skill, cannot follow directions to save his life (literally) and has a habit of collecting knives and going places he shouldn’t. Everybody hates him, and he likes it that way.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You know what’s going to happen at the end.

Well you DON’T.

Because Sage is a sneaky little liar and even when narrating he completely misleads you. There’s so much trickery and deceit and backstabbing (both literal and figurative) done by all parties that you never know who’s on what side and who knows what and if there’s anybody who even knows the truth. But even with all of that, the book is written so naturally and immersively that you follow it like you were living it. The plot twist is so satisfying and makes you want to punch the air and scream “AW YES I KNEW IT I KNEW IT THIS IS EPIC” and then keel over from sheer joy.

And the action.


As you may or may not know, I love action. Danger too. A story without a ton of action is like a videogame made entirely of cutscenes. But this book, oh this book is stuffed with enough action to satisfy even me. I could have written it. (Well, I couldn’t have. But you know what I mean.) Of course, with action sometimes comes violence, and that’s really the only drawback to this book. It is definitely not excessive or graphic, but there’s some blood, a few people die. I am not bothered by it, but some people might be. Just a warning.

All in all, utterly fantastic book. I cannot get over it. I wish I owned it. I will own it someday. And apparently it’s a series.

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Have you read it? If so, what was your favorite part? And do you guys have any ideas of other books I should review? Leave comments! I’ll try to start replying to them more. The current setup I have makes it difficult, because I can’t check my email regularly and therefore only see the comment notifications a few days afterwards. But I am getting that fixed. SO . . . . yeah. Leave comments!!!


7 thoughts on “Book Review: The False Prince

  1. Oh yes!! I read the series last year. The last two books…. i’m not too sure about. Ooh, review a Margaret Peterson Haddix book! (I love her…..)

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  2. I haven’t read this book, but you make me want to! I’ll have to finish the books I’m reading now, though. You should review Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan. It’s really good!

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  3. Well, this sounds like a familiar reaction. Nice to meet someone else who fell in love with the book as deeply as I did! You might like “The Fog Diver” by Joel Ross. It’s got a similar flair for snark…perhaps not as thick as Sage’s though. Happy reading!

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