So This Happened

Oya! How’re you guys doing? Good? Stressed? Tired? Craving chocolate and fresh air? Hey, me too!

So at the time I’m writing this . . . it has snowed. After being nearly 70 degrees several days in a row.


Make up your mind, weather! Is it spring or not? Goodness.

In other news, I’ve been playing the guitar, and doing a lot of Latin homework, and planning for fixing our old chicken coop so I can get chickens again this spring. Basically, doing a whole lot of things that aren’t writing. Also, my parakeet died, soooo . . . . that’s great.

It’s been a bit of a weird week on my end. I’m pretty sure it’s been a weird week for a lot of people. Some of my friends are off school until April. The internet is exploding with memes and freakouts. The weather is . . . ick.

But allegedly my job as both an author and a blogger is to provide escape from such annoying things. Soooo . . . . I’ll attempt to do that.


Next week, I’m going to have a whole entire short story for you guys. And even though it’s my own writing, I think it’s pretty good and you might like it.

But what to do this week?

In a few weeks I’m going to make a little animated video, that might be somewhat hilarious.

But what to do this week?

I tried to make an art. The art said no. I tried to do a character interview. That went horribly wrong. I’ve plenty of things scheduled for the future.

bUt wHAt To DO ThiS wEeK?

This is very annoying to me, honestly. Especially since I keep having posts that are just like ‘I have no idea what I’m doing so here’s a random thing’ I PROMISE I HAVE A SCHEDULE AND THINGS. Stuff has just . . . had some technical difficulties. But really I’m still just surprised I’ve kept this going for more than three weeks. I am not known for being consistent. At all. So there’s a bright side, I suppose.

Maybe . . . . do you guys want to see another flash fiction thing? This one’s from a Story Embers contest in 2018. We were told to come up with a creative way to describe a sunrise.




A sunrise. What a beautiful thing. 

I sit here, shivering in the predawn chill. I wrap my gray jacket closer around my knees drawn up to my chest, trying to tuck my entire body into the warm, worn material. I squint at the reddish line on the horizon, seemingly rising up from the frosty cornfield. 

A bird chirps. I glance at the nearby maple tree, still leafless. A robin sits on a lower branch, cocking his little head at me. His orange belly suddenly becomes illuminated by red light.

My head snaps back to the east, but I immediately shut my eyes at the scarlet-orange brilliance streaming over the sparkling stubble. I force myself to look. I didn’t get up at five in the morning, on a Saturday no less, to not see the sunrise. 

Pink and gold streak the sky, dyeing the fluffy morning clouds lovely shades of rose. The huge orange sun sits there, just barely peeking over the hill, and I can almost imagine it yawning and stretching like something in a cartoon. 

A whole flock of starlings sweep over me, squawking, trying to draw my attention away from the new morning. I shiver again, extracting my arms from the jacket long enough to pull the hood over my head. Then I curl myself back up into my warm little ball, watching the day start. 

I glance to my right, down the hill into another cornfield. Even the thick mist is pink-hued, and rapidly vanishing in the fresh daylight. Somewhere, a rooster crows. 

And just like that, the pink and red disappear, the sky turns blue, and it is no longer dawn. It is day.

A sunrise. What a beautiful thing. 





I mean, maybe you guys enjoy random stuff like this. Who knows? Certainly not me. Which is why you should leave comments! Also, if you’re reading this from the notification email, go ahead and click over to the actual site! It might take a few extra seconds (or . . . longer if your device is as broken as mine, but it probably isn’t) but trust me, it helps the blog a lot.

Next time, I promise there’ll be something pretty cool for you guys to read. But for now, yyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh that’s all I have. See you next Monday!


9 thoughts on “So This Happened

  1. What do you mean “Next time” there will be something pretty cool?!? Your Sunrise poem/prose was absolutely stunning! I’ve been inside that same worn out grey jacket cuddled with my knees tucked up inside… I’d love to photoshop your work on a photo of my country fields sunrise & hang it on the wall ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so sorry your bird died, Molly. 💔 Was it the one that would come and eat out of your hand?
    I loved your sunrise flash fiction thing! I feel like I was right there with you! Wish I was! It was beautiful!
    Love you always! GmaM

    Liked by 1 person

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