The Arbitrary Fairy Pays a Visit

Oya, everyone! It’s time for another interview. This time, I’ve got my friend Ariella over, who just got her own blog started last week. (Check it out right here, it’s awesome and much more fancy than mine)

So let’s get right into the questions. When did you start writing?

Even though I have been writing stories ever since I was very little, I would have to say my actual writing career began when I started my first book at around eleven years old. 

What made you want to be a writer?

You know, that’s a tough question! I have been an avid reader for even longer than I’ve been a writer, so I believe it was my love for books that made me want to write a story of my own—something that would give readers the same rush of excitement I felt as a kid reading adventure novels. I love writing because it gives me a voice and a way to bring light to the lives of others. 

What is your current favorite book and author?

Currently my favorite book is The Green Ember by S.D. Smith. It has such wonderful characters and is so full of action and suspense. I just finished the last book in the series and it was AMAZING! 

What genre do you usually write in and why?

I usually write in the fantasy genre because I enjoy creating new worlds and plots that revolve around the fantastical elements of those worlds. I also dabble in the sci-fi and steampunk genres.

Tell me about your WIP(s).

I have several WIPs in various stages of completion. Right now I am on the final edit of the first book of my fantasy series, which I hope to publish very soon. Ashen Blaze follows the journey of a girl named Ariella, whom I named my online persona after. When dragons attack her village, she and her older brother must flee and venture into the unknown. This story is full of secrets, mystery, forgotten memories, and most importantly, hope. 

Another project of mine is a fantasy novel called The Shackles of the Free. Its theme is freedom and its main character, Zillah Nighthawk, is an antihero. I have two other projects which have been pushed to the backburner for now. The first is a standalone novel which involves magic flowers and dangerous mythological creatures. The second is a fantasy/sci-fi mashup which features a conflict between the different people groups who inhabit an Earthlike planet. 

What is your favorite weapon?

A good shortsword would be my weapon of choice—especially if it glows when monsters are around.

Who helps you the most with your writing?

Friends, definitely. I recruit them to read the unfinished versions of my books or help me work out a character’s personality. My mom has also helped me with the more technical aspects of writing, such as grammar and word choice. 

What is your favorite thing to describe? 

Tricky question. I enjoy describing scenery, actually. It helps to set the mood and immerses the reader in the world. 

Which of your characters is your favorite?

Ariella, for sure. She started off as a reflection of my own personality but over the years has become a character in her own right. 

If one of your characters could become real which one would you want?

Oh dear… *laughs* There are a lot of my characters who I like but wouldn’t really know what to do if I met them. I wouldn’t want to unleash them on this world, either. No telling what they’d do. The safest option would probably be Karah. She is an aloof, reserved sort of character, but she is very strong and has a hero’s heart. I would like to be her friend.  

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Don’t give up! You might have writer’s block, but sit down at that computer and start typing anyway. The story will come—slowly and painfully at first, but it will come. Keep a notebook or document of story ideas and write down new ideas so that you don’t forget them. Strive to make your work the best that you can, but don’t fall into the trap of perfectionism either. Most importantly, get your story out there! Whether that means giving it to family members, beta-readers, or the publishing agent, don’t be afraid to share your work with others. Even if you receive criticism or critiques, don’t be discouraged. Use it to make your writing even better. Remember that you will only grow as you learn and gain more experience in writing! 

Describe a potato in your style. 

A potato, as brown as the earth from which it came, serves a variety of purposes. Sliced, mashed, scalloped, or boiled, the potato makes an excellent side dish for any meal no matter how humble or grand. For an inventive warrior with good aim, its density makes it an effective weapon when pitched into the ranks of an enemy force. Most importantly, however, potatoes serve as a reminder of mankind’s frailty. Just as the potato came out of the dirt, lasts for a season, and serves a purpose before it passes away, so humanity was made out of dust, walks the earth for a time, and is eventually consumed by the inescapable jaws of death. 

Thank you so much, Ariella!

Thanks for interviewing me, Ashley! I had a lot of fun.


Head over to The Arbitrary Fairy to read more about this epic author, and to read the interview that I did with her over there. My answers are much less eloquent, but hopefully amusing!

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