Detectives, Research, and Broken Promises

Oya humans! How many book ideas is too many? Eight? I sure hope not.

Yes, I have eight book ideas, two of which technically count as WIPs since they’re being written. My latest new idea might be my favorite, though.

When I started writing, I looked at all the genres I read and said, “You know what, I am never ever ever going to write historical fiction. Or mysteries. I can’t do that, it involves research and plotting and actually knowing what’s going on and sticking to reality. Who wants that? Nope, I’m sticking to speculative fiction action adventures.”

Fast forward three years and I’m waist deep in the internet researching London in 1861 and color-coding index cards, trying to create a mystery that is also somewhat historically accurate, planning out the whole story before I even write it like some insane person.

And enjoying it.

I think I’ve finally lost it, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, yeah, it’s a Victorian-era mystery starring a cynical street kid named Kip and a sad tired young detective named Jack. Plotting is . . . let’s say ongoing, but the general idea of the story seems to be that there are a huge number of seemingly unrelated crimes going on, including some murder and the Tooley Street Fire. Jack is one of the few honest police detectives left, the majority being corrupted and pretty useless, and he’s made it his personal mission to figure out what’s going on and fix it before more people get hurt. Kip is part of one of the infamous London gangs ( . . . dunno what it’s called yet). He’s clever and observant (although very impulsive and prone to making horrible decisions) so Jack decides to take him in and train him as an apprentice of sorts.

There’s some other fun charries in this one, including an aspiring inventor, a teenage novelist and poet, and an Irish girl named Felicity who is Jack’s ‘man on the inside’ and one of my personal favorites. I’m also pretty proud of the villain. He’s not like anything I’ve done before, and I think he’ll be really fun and perhaps just a bit scary.

The hardest thing about all this is figuring out how to put a mystery together properly. The research isn’t quite as bad as I expected it to be, but no amount of research can tell you how to weave murder, politics, rhinestones, gang wars, and crazy old rich ladies into a coherent story that the reader can puzzle through along with the protagonists without figuring it out immediately or getting completely lost and confused.

I mean, I’ve been reading mysteries since I was six. I know how they work. But I don’t know how to make one. See, my usual writing style is just to let the story happen. Everything tends to work out, but I never know what will happen next. You cannot do that in a story where you have to stick to actual facts and also have everything weave together into a mystery. So I’m very scared to start writing it.

But . . . I can’t wait.

I’m already in love with all my characters. I’m already hyped for the actiony bits. I’m already planning out minute details and word choice, because I’m so blixin’ excited to write this book.

In other news, the book about Lucas and Laynie is effectively finished. I think. The writing at least, and most of the editing. I’ve formatted it properly and everything. Now I just have to figure out, y’know, cover art and how to actually publish it.

That is also exciting.

So, do you guys think I can do it? Can I write a book that I swore I ever would? I honestly don’t know, but I sure hope so. Also, how are you liking the content variety I’m putting out? This is my first time ever making a blog so I’m still experimenting. If you do enjoy what I write, leave a comment and tell me! Also leave a like by clicking the little star at the bottom of the post. It lets me know that you enjoy this sort of thing and also lets the internets know that it should show this post to more people, which is, y’know, fantastic. And last but not least SUBSCRIBE! It’s totally freeeeeee and it helps me out a ton!

See you guys next week! Oh, and also . . . . May the 4th be with you. 😉


4 thoughts on “Detectives, Research, and Broken Promises

  1. May the 4th be with you! Great blog post. I could never write a mystery (not that clever), but I am thinking about writing a historical romance set in 1920s America. Congrats on finishing Lucas and Laynie!! I have finished the first draft of the first book in my fantasy series and will start editing soon.

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