Hello Yes It Is Monday

Oya, everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Everybody, quick, go hug your mum. If you can’t do that, text her or call her or something of the sort, even if you already did yesterday.

Now that’s done, I’ve exciting news. I started that book.

Yeah, the mystery one. I gave in and started it. At the time I’m writing this I’m only on the first page still. I’ll show you guys the opening couple paragraphs.

It was a murky evening in London. Streetlamps shone in the dreary streets, giving the impression of small, warm lighthouses in a foggy sea. Or just of streetlamps in a dark, empty cobblestone street. I suppose you would only see them as lighthouses if you were of the imaginative sort. It just so happened that the small boy standing on the corner was of the imaginative sort, and he did see the lamps as lighthouses. 

    He also, for a moment, saw himself as a ship captain, navigating through fierce winds and crashing waves, heading for home port and a warm, dry bed. Then he forgot the ship captain in wishing that there really was a warm, dry bed waiting for him somewhere. He sorely needed one; he, with his tousled head all unprotected by any sort of cap from the cold and damp, and his ragged clothes too shabby to keep his thin frame warm, and his poor empty belly craving good hot food. And here he stood on a street corner, waiting.

I kinda like it.

What are your guys’ expectations for this book? Are they perhaps . . . .

. . . . great?

-awkward fingerguns-

I’ll see myself out.

Yeah I just read Great Expectations. Both for research and just because it’s a famous book and I’ve never read it. It was quite long, an a bit confusing, but my overall opinion is that it is awesome.

I loved all the side characters. Mr. Wemmick was so funny and wholesome, Joe was . . . . well he’s a perfect human being who deserved nothing that happened to him. Mrs. Pocket was a horrible parent but amusing nonetheless. I want to be best friends with Herbert. Estella . . . . well she’s a fantastic character. I hate her guts, but she’s fantastic.

Also, the plot twists are REAL. My mom and sister were incredibly annoyed with me because I was gasping and ‘wait WHAT’-ing so much. And my eyes may have possibly watered a tiny bit at the end. Only a bit.

Moving on from that . . . . uhhhhh . . . not really sure what to talk about next. This week’s one of my Random Rambling weeks (aka I had no idea what the post should be about) so uh yeah I shall randomly ramble.

Ooh, I know, I’m making a dress. Well, technically I started it like . . . . two years ago. But I’m gonna get back to working on it now. It’s a steampunk style one, based on my character from The Aetherlight. It’s got a green skirt with soooo many ruffles and I cannot wait to finish it.

Also, I’m getting chickens on Thursday, five of them. I am extremely excited because I haven’t had chickens for a couple years. I have names picked out and the chicken coop is almost finished. (we had to fix it because it’s like 100 years old)

Mmmmmmm yes I cannot think of anything else to say. I hope you guys have a good week, and also The Everhart Author has 30 subscribers which is absolutely fantastic, thank you all so very much, and I’ll see you next Monday!


4 thoughts on “Hello Yes It Is Monday

  1. Your excerpt is so intriguing! I do have ‘great expectations’ for it! I hope your dress turns out the way you want it to. I’m working on a costume for a family friend’s granddaughter. Maybe we can see pictures when you finish? I hope you like your chickens. We have several and just go two guineas! Congrats on 30 subs 😉

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