Interview with Myriah Joy Grabish!

Oya everybody! It is again interview time, and this week I am joined by Myriah Joy Grabish who is insanely cool.

Well, hello there! Y’all can hear me, right? *taps microphone* Oh, wait, this is a text interview. Totally knew that.

Right, question time. When did you start writing?

When I was 5. My first short story was about a girl who makes friends with a giant spider, and they eat oranges together. *smacks head* But I didn’t get serious about writing until I was about 13 or 14, when I attempted my first novel… *coughs awkwardly*

What made you want to be a writer?

I really have no idea. I wanted to be a nurse and go to college like I suppose every sane adult wants to do, but when I was 15 I suddenly got a fool idea in my head to self-publish my first novel and make a career out of playing with the lives of people who don’t exist. Five years later…well, here I am.

What is your current favorite book and author?

Oof, I’m so glad you added the word ‘current’ into that sentence, because otherwise it’s impossible to choose. One book I can always return to every summer is The Penderwicks, by Jeanne Birdsall. It’s a hilarious tale of four sisters and the misadventures they have on their summer vacation–quite full of nostalgia for me.

What genre do you usually write in and why?

That’s a complicated question. See, I’ve been bouncing between genres since getting serious about writing. My first three novels (only one of which is published at this point) were of the adventure-type genre, then my fourth novel (second published) is a standalone of the realistic-fiction genre. Lastly, I’m currently dabbling in an End-Times fantasy saga. Why do I bounce between genres like this? I’m still exploring where my writing is strongest, and where I can improve my style.

Tell me about your WIP(s).

Yaaaay, finally!! Right now, I’m working on the second novel of my four-part fantasy saga–titled The Dhilorwis Saga. To put it simply, it’s inspired by Revelation and The Last Battle, by C.S. Lewis. To put it slightly less simply, it’s about how my characters have to deal with things like responsibility, identity, self-confidence, and a slew of other growing-up things that everybody has to deal with, while the world’s falling apart around them…*gulps*

What is your favorite weapon?

.243 bolt-action rifle. I miss the weight of it in my arms…the kickback when the round is fired off, the echo of the shot, the satisfaction of knowing I’ve provided meat for my family…*sighs blissfully* Alas, I am yet too young to own one of my very own. I grew up learning how to use my dad’s.

Who helps you the most with your writing?

Honestly, having a community of other writer friends to bounce ideas and writing advice off of. Authors such as yourself, Ariella Newheart, Katelyn Prince (author of How the City Fell), David Webb (The Light Thief), I could go on. Being friends with other crazies is awesome for writing.

What is your favorite thing to describe? 

See above for my strange obsession with hunting. *cackles* But bookwise, I love writing action scenes. Describing each move the characters make, the rush of adrenaline and emotions they’re feeling, driving the plot forward while keeping myself and my readers on the edge of our seats, there’s nothing that can compare with that satisfaction.

Which of your characters is your favorite?

Can I really only choose one? *sobs* Unfortunately, the character I’ve chosen as my favorite happens to be one I haven’t even written into existence yet. His name is Nook, and he comes along in book 3 of The Dhilorwis Saga (spoiler warning). He is what Ariella Newheart and I would call a ‘squish’–or an especially endearing and/or adorable character that everyone who comes into contact with immediately becomes irrevocably attached to. Ah, the things he must endure…*sniffles*

If one of your characters could become real which one would you want?

My imaginary boyfriend, Brad. *guffaws* Just kidding. I would probably choose Trixie Burlap, heroine of my first book, The Hunted Past. Why? Though she’s not as perfect as I wanted her to be at first, she and I go way back. She’s my oldest friend, and the one who started it all.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Avoid white vans and people with eyepatches. Never trust them. *shudders* Poor Trixie…

Ha, no. In all (or mostly) seriousness, I would say just to have fun with knowing you’re in complete control of the story. Forget about being perfect for now–perfect is boring, anyway. Go crazy with your writing. A lot of pure gold comes out of writing while you admittedly don’t know what in Dhilorwis you are doing.

Describe a potato in your style. 

Whether it’s a weapon or a satiation of hunger depends upon the one who wields it.

Thank you so much for coming over (and giving me good content 😉 )!

Why, you’re quite welcome! *bows and falls over* Thanks for having me! *rubs nose* Ahem…I’m pretty sure it’s not broken…

At any rate, y’all can follow my misadventures on Facebook, or buy my books on Amazon. *stares deeply into your eyes and tries not to appear desperate for my career to kick off* Oh yeah, and did I mention I have probably the dorkiest and most disorganized YouTube channel on the planet? (Just look up Myriah Joy Grabish.)





Well, you guys heard her! Go check out all Myriah’s stuff, subscribe to her YouTube channel (It’s pretty darn hilarious) and hey, while you’re in a subscribey mood why don’t you subscribe to The Everhart Author? It’s totally free and helps me out a lot, as do likes and comments! So click all the things and I’ll see you guys next week!


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