VICTORY: a Book Review

Oya everybody! You know how I said that Esperanza Rising was one of the few hisfic books I actually enjoyed?

Well I have remembered that there is a another one and it’s called Victory (by Susan Cooper) and I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever read another book that not only switches between two characters, but while doing it switches tense AND POV as well.

Absolutely mental.

Sooooooo diving into the plot of the book, we start with Sam. Sam narrates in first person past tense (I did this, I said, etc.) and he is a boy living in England during the Napoleanic War. His family is very poor and there are too many mouths to feed, so he goes to live with his uncle Charlie and become his apprentice. Charlie is a ropemaker for the British navy and is very very cool.

BUT everything goes horribly wrong almost immediately. As most stories tend to do.

Sam and his uncle are pressed into service by the navy to go fight some French. It is not pleasant; along the with the usual things like seasickness, somewhat nasty food, constant danger of getting shot by a cannonball, and you know being in the ocean in general (I am not much of an ocean fan), Sam has to deal with bullying officers and being separated from his uncle even though they were on the same ship for years.

Then the focus SWAPS over to Molly.

Molly narrates in third person present tense (she does this, she says, etc.). She’s a British kiddo in 2008, living in America with her mom, her baby brother, and her stepdad and stepbrother. Her dad died when she was little, and when her mum got remarried to an American they moved with him. She hates America and would be perfectly happy going back to England.

One day in a thunderstorm, her family stumbles upon a cozy little bookshop. Molly finds a book about Admiral Horatio Nelson. She doesn’t have any particular interest in him, but it’s British and it’s old and she wants it. Inside is a little note, and a tiny piece of very old fabric.

Switching back and forth at THE VERY MOST CLIFFHANGERY PARTS, their stories start intertwining in a way that makesyou put down the book and think ‘okay HOW’, culminating in the Battle of Trafalgar and Admiral Nelson’s death.

I just . . . . I really like this book okay?

Now of course there’s some downsides. There’s a bit of mild language in Sam’s perspective. Towards the end, being during a battle, there’s a good amount of blood and people getting shot and dying and things, but it isn’t extremely graphic.

All in all, fantastic book, read it please and tell me how you like it!

At the time I’m writing this I’m EXTREMELY tired and cannot think if anything else to say so yeah I think I’m done. Like, subscribe, share with your friends, all that jazz, and I’ll see you next week! Byeeeeee


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