Emily Lyn Briefly Takes Over

Oya everyone! I’m back from camp! It was awesome! I’m exhausted! Now it’s blog post time! Yay!

-falls asleep on laptop-

This week’s post is kind of like an interview. Except I’m not asking questions. And I’m not being asked questions.

You guys are going to meet Emily Lyn, an incredible artist and musician and all-around cool human. I’ve no idea what she’s going to say, so, uh . . . . enjoy!


Soooooooooooooooooooo! Heyo fellow hu-man beans!!!!

-waves wildly-

I don’t really know what to do…. I had no plan… BUT

Musicals! They are lit! They are snazz! THEY ARE OVER ALL DA TOTAL ULTRA BEST!

If you don’t like them….. I’m sorry. You are a psychopath. :/

JUST KIDDING. Haaaaah…. -stares off into space-

Some musicals I like are; Into the woods, Newsies, Matilda, Waitress, Hadestown, Dear Evan Hansen, Tuck Everlasting, Anastasia, SIX, Mean Girls (kinda), Hamilton (more kinda), Heathers (even MORE kinda),Wicked, The Lightning Thief, Be More Chill, Legally Blonde (Again kinda), Beetlejuice, Finding Neverland, Bandstand, Le Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, 21 Chump Street, and the Addams Family.

-realizes I listed almost every well known musical-

OOPS! Sorry. I LOVE MUSICALS. And I can’t pick just one. (Orrrrrrr remember most…)

A little while ago I painted some musical play bill things….. I think I might show y’all…

-clicks random buttons-

This one didn’t turn out to well….. I messed up and smudged and added the stupid head 😦
This one is slightly better. It looks nicer irl but -shrugs- Ya can’t see that.

Be more chill meh dudes
Beautiful Beasty

UM, Yeah. I done did those. I wanted to do more but…. IDK!! CORONA!!




Do you wanna see some more of my art?? Hahaha! Lol! You can’t answer! Thus you have no opinion! Which is honestly sad. I’m sorry. You deserve to be listened to. BUT, I can’t hear you so….. Art


I drew this a few weeks ago

I did all of these at camp. Mostly during classes. O.O

BTW I have no idea why I only use a blue marker -shrugs-

Introducing BILLY BOB JO
I think she is a Slenderman Flower Mermaid

At this point you might be like- THE HECK IS HER OBSESSION?? Also, NOTES??? WHAT???And believe me…. I don’t know either. I was trying new things. Nothing was planned it just happened.

She was a total Accident. BUT HEY! Character!

She also was a mistake.

Rolf my boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

The demo children. Jimmy, Bill, Sue, and Cathy…. meet da humans

She was the first person I drew…. I think. None of these are in order

So we have ultra beauty girl, and potato man

I love the top one. SO. Darn. Much. She was the first to be made.

Yeah….. I like her too.


Sorry. I get random urges to draw crazy ugly stuff. I’m sure why I showed 99% of that to you…..

BUT! I think it’s almost time to go, so let’s have FUN FACT TIME!

1. My middle name is Lyn
2. My favorite color is BLUES (Black, white, greys, and occasional pink and yellow)
3. My favorite names are Cassidy Lyn and London Sky

4. I play the violin, piano (slightly), Ukulele, and Guitar

5. Books are my favorite.

And that’s pretty much it. Sorry if I scare you! It’s not my intention. I hope you come back. I might not…… IDK tho!

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -waves-


Hey it’s me back again. Thanks, Emily, for that incredible and amusing . . . . art dump? Yeah, I think that’s what I’d call it. It was great. Leave a like for Emily Lyn, everybody! If you have questions for her, you can leave them in the comments! Or if you have questions for me. But mostly for Emily.

ALSO, if you like the content I put out, make sure to follow/subscribe so you get a notification whenever I post! Usually it’s on Mondays, but this week was insane so I had to postpone it a day. I’ll try not to let that happen again. Also also, why not tell your friends about The Everhart Author? What could possibly go wrong?

See you guys next week!


6 thoughts on “Emily Lyn Briefly Takes Over

      1. Hmmm…out of all the characters, it’s so hard to decide! I have three tied for favorite, currently: Race, Crutchie, and Specs. What about you?

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  1. I am actually writing a fantasy middle grade book- The Fairy Frogs, which serve as center of Tale of the Cattail Forest, are naturally gifted in the arts.

    The only art I think I am actually good at belongs to writing. Can’t draw, sing, or dance well period. However, I understand performing arts- most of that knowledge comes from actually seeing musicals

    Liked by 1 person

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