Book Review: The Westing Game

Oya everyone! It’s book review time again. This time it’s a mystery, one of the absolute coolest mysteries I’ve read. It’s called The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin.

My incredible friends Lily and Rory (hi guys -waves-) lent me this book along with a couple others, and they said I would enjoy it thoroughly.

I did.

I very much did.

First off I’d like to say that the author is an artist, and that is very obvious in this book. The descriptions of setting and characters are so vivid, so quirky, so bright and real, that you can just imagine Ellen Raskin sketching them out and having fun doing so. The characters themselves are . . . just . . . absolutely fantastic. Within sentences of meeting them, you understand who they are as a person, even though almost no information is given that early.

And boy do you need that little information that IS given.

I suppose I should probably give you guys an overview of the plot. A bunch of people move into this fancy apartment building. They are all specifically chosen to live there, but none of them know each other and they are all very different. Everything is fine for a few days.

And then somebody dies.

Of course.

The person who dies is Sam Westing, an eccentric old rich guy who was very patriotic and loved the song America The Beautiful. Everyone in the apartment building is called to the reading of the will (because Turtle, one of the kids living there, is the one who discovered the body) and they find out that Sam Westing knew he was gonna get murdered, and he also knew who was gonna do it. And he wants them to all work together to figure out which one of them did it. He gives each team clues.

He also gives them a bunch of money.

So that’s nice.

They all approach their clues and funds in different ways, including investing in certain stocks, hiring private detectives, buying a lot of paper, trying to wheedle information out of family members on other teams.

While this is going on, people make it a lot more difficult by, you know, stealing things and setting bombs everywhere.

The whole story is woven together so intricately and expertly that every little thing is important, but not always in the ways you think it will be. If you’re not paying EXTREMELY close attention, you will get bamboozled.

I was bamboozled multiple times and I’m not even afraid to say it.

The ending is incredible, also. It’s sad but satisfying. I really can’t say much about it without spoilers, so you guys’ll just have to trust me on this one.

There aren’t really any bad things I can say about this book. I sincerely enjoyed it and it gave me a lot of inspiration (and a bit of jealousy) for my own mystery project. I hope you guys will check this book out and tell me what you thought about it! In the comments! Because I love comments! I also love getting notifications that say “This person liked your blog post!” and “This person is now following The Everhart Author!” Sooooo . . . if you wanna make me happy, click all the things!

See you next week!


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Westing Game

  1. I’ve read the Westing Game! My sister found it at the library and recommended it to me. I don’t normally read mystery, but wow!! This was so intentional, the characters were great, and the writing was very lush.

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  2. OH MY WORD. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!! It’s funny ’cause I keep thinking about it, and keep wanting to re-read it. They keep singing America the Beautiful in my Bible class, which makes me think of it. XD

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