Collections and Curiosity

Oya everyone!

As you’re reading this (I mean, as long as you read it this week) I’m at my grandma’s house doing two 5-Day-Club VBS things. I’m also doing one now, and then 4th of July is a thing, so I don’t have a ton of time for blog post stuff. So this week I’m gonna do something that’s sort of just for fun.

I’m gonna show you guys my collections!

: D

Yeah I collect things. Weird things. I’m like a little dragon, or a magpie. I like shiny things. Well, they’re not always shiny, but you know what I mean.

My room’s sort of cluttered all the time, from all the collections. I’ve a couple cardboard boxes in my closet with random stuff in. Most of it is, like, Christmas presents that I don’t really know what to do with or little decoration bits that I don’t have anywhere to put them.

Soooooo yeah!

This is my Chaos Corner. I like it a lot.

(also, yes there is a padlock there, I’ve been practicing lockpicking)

These are the contents of my Magpie Box. A lot of these have stories behind them, like the shells and the screw and the little bone, but the others are mostly just little things I found and put in my pocket.

This is my dead glowstick collection. Fun fact, I once wrote an essay about glowsticks for a government class. We were meant to write an argument for something, and I couldn’t think of anything serious, so I wrote about glowsticks.

Funny how that sorta describes me.

This is my pen collection. I kinda steal all the good writing utensils. Also, a goose feather and a tiny bear named Pippin.

My comics stack. My great-grandma gets a daily newspaper, and she saves the comics for me. I’ve got ones from almost every day since last Father’s Day.

I believe I’ve gotten a lot more sarcastic since then.

And of course, staple of any writer, a notebook hoard. The ones in the top two rows were all given to me, and the three on the bottom are from when I was little.

Only three of the ones I’ve gotten in the last four years have more than 6 pages written in.


So yeah, those are some of my little collections. Think I’m weird yet?


One thought on “Collections and Curiosity

  1. Cool collections! I’m exactly the opposite; I want to keep collections of stuff, but I always lose it :p The most common sound in the house is me asking where something is, usually my pencil. My sister is learning to pick locks.


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