Silver Song

Oya everyone!

So last week I promised you guys something spectacular to make up for my inability to make a post for last Monday. So all this week I racked my brain for something spectacular.


Didn’t happen.

Then I asked for help, and the people spoke, and I decided/was told to give you a short story. So then I had something basic to work with.

Now comes the tricky part; finding or writing a short story.

This is one of the few things I’ve ever been ‘inspired’ to create. I was reading The Seven Tales Of Trinket (fantastic book, highly recommend y’all read it) and one of the chapters is about selkies.

Now, I love selkies. Mostly because of the movie Song of the Sea (again, check that out). The selkies in the book are more traditional than the ones in the movie, being somewhat unfriendly and also there’s lots of them. But this part of the book is my favorite regardless.

Basically, Trinket has to go to some selkies and find a little boy that was lost in a storm and adopted by the seal people. To do that she has to lull them to sleep.

So I was reading the book and got MEGA inspired, and wrote the thing you will soon see before you. Keep in mind this was two or three years ago, and it’s not the best thing I’ve ever written, but looking back over it . . . I’m still pretty proud of it. I conveyed the emotion I was trying to convey.

(also fun fact the lullaby is one I have sung to my sister since she was born to put her to sleep, so, yeah)


Faint moonglow shines on the selkies’ isle. The silent sounds of sky and sea; the rush of waves, charging and breaking on the smooth sand; the wind whistling as only the wind can, over the rocks, through the caves, into the seals . . . the seals, with their wakeful eyes, large and liquid, reflecting the moon.

A girl, young and wondering, settles on a rock. She has a harp of bone and hair, its voice clear and sweet, smooth and soft. She strums the harp, the sound gliding smooth as water over the rough stones, ringing faintly with the tones of the stars. She sings, and her lilting music dances to the selkies, drawing their attention like a mother’s lullaby . . .

Come lay your head, come lay thee down

Upon my knee of woolen brown

A song I shall sing of salt and sea

Of waves and foam, lad, come with me

Thy flippers are tired, thy skin is cold

Slumber awaits, thy dreams to hold

A song I shall sing of salt and sea

Of waves and foam, lad, dream with me

The spray is soft, the moon so bright

Come lay your head and rest tonight

Selkie children curl against their mothers, slipping into sleep as boats into water. Mother seals blink slowly, joining their babies in dreams. The girls sings as the pale moon slips below the sea, as the stars fall asleep, as the silver of night gives way to the gold of morning.

The silent sounds of darkness give way to the new noise of new light . . . and the song ends.


Yeah, yeah, I know, that isn’t poetry, but it’s the closest I ever get.

It isn’t really spectacular, either, but I tried to write some stories and they were awful. Not like ‘oh haha I’m a good writer but I’ll say my stuff is garbage anyway’. They were just lame. Apparently I can’t force myself to write anything.

So yeah! That was Silver Song. Did you guys like it? What’s your favorite fantasy creature, and why? Tell me in the comments! Oh, and, while you’re down there, hit the little star button and the button that says ‘follow’. Not only will you be letting the internet know that my blog exists, you’ll be notified every Monday when I post! That’d be cool, right?

Thank you so much for reading this, and I’ll see you next week!


(p.s. I actually got a few pages of Embers Burning written, so, woooo. Very pog)

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