Happy Birthday!

Oya everyone!

This Thursday, this very Thursday, three days from RIGHT NOW (unless you’re reading this in the future . . . anyway)



However I am significantly older than this website.

Where am I going with this?

Even I don’t know.

C’mon you guys should expect this by now.

Birthdays are funny things. According to history the Romans were the first ones to properly celebrate birthdays, because every year a child lived past birth was an achievement, a triumph. It means that you won against a world that was trying to kill you with everything it could throw against you. You survived in spite of all odds, and that was a big deal. So they gave you stuff and your favorite foods and made a big deal about you being one year older.

I like the idea of them. I like thinking that in spite of everything that could have happened and everything that tried to happen, I’m still here, doing the stuff that I do, being all old and stuff. I won for another year.

Next year who knows?

But the blog! The blog won this year too! Its first year of existing and it didn’t die!

Not gonna lie that was a legitimate concern.

But look what we’ve done!

In 2020, I created 51 blog posts with topics ranging from short stories, writer interviews, book reviews, rambling about peaches, and deep (?) insightful(?) stuff about writing. These posts collectively received 4,303 views.

Fifty-nine people subscribed or followed, using either their WordPress account or their email.

That is a lot of people!!!

(Okay, granted, some of those people might not be real people because I don’t think a Brazilian water technology company is actually interested in my writing, but STILL. MOST OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE REAL)

And some of them are you!!!

Thank you. It really means a lot. Like a LOT a lot.

But can we take a minute and appreciate the fact that I only missed one single week of posting? And that was only because I was at camp and I didn’t actually miss it I was taking a break? I, Ashley Everhart, the most inconsistent muffinhead to ever grace this earth, was actually consistent!

Absolutely unbelievable, I know.

Kinda wish it applied to literally everything else in my life but, you know, that’s fine.

-sounds of pain from my hundreds of abandoned projects and schedules-

Here’s to 2021 Ashley being just as consistent! Perhaps more so! Hopefully more so! I mean I’m gonna be older so that means I’m gonna be more responsible and competent, right?





Anyhow thank you for reading this, and for reading all the posts that you have. I know some of you read every one of my posts and it makes me really happy that you care that much. You are the best.

And if this happens to be the first post you’ve read by me, why don’t you go read some more? Genres Galore is a good one, as is any from October because of all the short stories. And while you’re at it, subscribe! It’s free, it causes you no inconvenience, and you’ll be delivered a handy-dandy notification email only once per week. And leave a like, with the star button? Do it for my birthday?

Did I mention it’s my birthday?

Comments too! Give me ideas for future posts, people to collab with, challenges, anything! I love reading comments!

Alright that’s enough of that stuff, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you next week.



p.s. Did you know I have a YouTube channel? It’s pretty funny, you should check it out

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Wow! Happy birthday, and happy birthday to your blog! I’m so glad your blog has grown, and I hope it continues to! I really like reading posts about your writing if you’re up for sharing 😉 Book reviews are also great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ashley Everhart!!! 🎂🍫🍪🍩🥮❣❣❣
    I Love 🥰❣reading your blogs, your stories, your books in progress!!❣ I love you so deeply❣ I’m so thankful for you and your wonderful talents and love for Jesus! ❤ You pretty much amaze me constantly ❣ AND❣❣❣ You love chickens/birds❣❣❣ 🐓🐣🐔🐦🦅🕊🦜❣❣❣ Who could ask for anything more??? Great job, Sweetheart ❣

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just followed you here today. I’m about to go check out your YouTube channel, too. I’m proud of you and miss you and want to get together with you as COVID and our schedules permit. Happy Birthday! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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