February: The Tuesday of Months

Oya everyone!

It’s February, innit? To some, the most ANNOYING month of the year. It just exists. And is cold. Some people violently hate Valentines Day because they’re ‘lonely’ or somethin.

(I like it because I get immense amounts of chocolate)

But like . . . what even happens in February besides Valentines Day?

No idea.


This post is a little bit of an update on the book situation, as I haven’t done that in a while.

There’s a reason for that, mainly being that I haven’t . . . actually been doing much in regards to books. I have been writing a bit on other small projects, but to be completely honest I’ve lost a decent chunk of my inspiration and motivation to keep working on those stories.

Not to say I’m giving up on them or anything, heck no, but I am trying to let myself take a bit of a break without feeling guilty. In the meantime I am working on planning out future chapters and actually . . . like . . . figuring out a proper plot for several things . . . yeahhhhh probably should have done that BEFORE trying to write the book y’know?



I hired an artist for the cover of I Promise I’m Not The Hero . It is not Todd Harris, because I am much too poor to afford his art.

I found Rosalind Braden.


And also very very nice and patient and willing to communicate with an awkward noob like me.

She’s currently working on the cover for me, and I love it so much. It’s better than I ever planned on it being.

(If you’re curious, you should DEFINITELY go check out her art. She’s @rosie_b_bee on Instagram, and she’s got a YouTube Channel where she uploads speedpaints and fantastic animations)

(Like they’re seriously amazing, especially her Turf War animatic? -chef’s kiss-)

What else, what else, what else have I been doing . . .

OH my mom bought this book called What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew. It’s a book about 19th century England and explains a lot of stuff about the culture and vocabulary and everything that you get kinda confused about when you read books from that era. Unfortunately it’s mainly focused on High Society and all’at, when what I need to know is about the middle class and like crime and stuff, but it’s very good for understanding just How Things Are.



Well I’ve been doing a lot of YouTube stuff. (Y’all checked out my channel, right??? In case you didn’t it’s right here) That’s mostly what I’ve been working on since writing has eluded me. And it’s really fun. Editing takes forever, like actually, but it’s still incredibly enjoyable and I feel like I’m getting things done which is good.

Updates are hard when you’ve not been doing much.


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