Happy Valentines Day!

Oya everyone!

How has your week gone? Mine’s been mega weird. Not necessarily bad, just weird.

And SO VERY COLD! It hasn’t gotten above like 5 degrees for so long I’ve forgotten what it feels like to go outside and not be in pain. And it hurts to look outside because of all the snow.

I don’t hate winter but I will admit I’m getting real excited for spring.

Especially because of my little flock. A surprising amount of chickens have made it through the winter so far and I’m very proud of them, but they are getting quite bored of being inside most of the time. And ytka (that’s what I named my goose, you pronounce it like ootka) is very much wanting to play in water without it freezing. I think on one of the first warm days I’m just gonna sit outside with them for a while.

But anyway it’s Valentine’s Day! Or, yesterday was, at least it will be when you’re reading this. Unless you read it in the future, which you might do.

Man, time, huh?

Valentine’s Day is fun, always has good memories for me. In the co-op we used to be in we’d have like unofficial valentine box contests, and everybody would go all out on their boxes and they wouldn’t even have their moms help them. I still have my favorite one, a Millenium Falcon from . . . I don’t even know how long ago, maybe four or five years. One year we had the party at the library, and there was a movie and games and I won a game and got a giant teddy bear almost as big as I was at the time.

(Fun fact, that teddy bear helped me get over horrible nightmares for the first time in like six months and I don’t even know how it happened.)

It’s also my uncle’s birthday, so my mom’s family usually gets together at some point around the 14th for that, and we have treats and such. That is always nice. And on Wednesday all the ladies from our church came together and made cookies for a lot of the people who have to stay home, and all the kids had fun decorating the cookies and getting frosting and sprinkles everywhere, you know how kids do.

This year I’m not really doing valentines, because I couldn’t think of anything especially clever. It makes me a little sad because I love giving little things to my friends, but if it isn’t good I don’t want them to have it y’know? Giving them nothing is better than giving them a boring piece of candy or generic horrible pun card.

Speaking of the puns aren’t they TERRIBLE!?

(comment your favorite horrible Valentine’s Day pun)

I mean some of them just do not make sense. I like the ones that I’ve seen on Instagram, like the MCYT ones. “You’re 1 in 7 trillion”, “Unlike most things I’ll always remember you”, “You’re one of the few people I tolerate”, “You speedran into my heart”, “Love is cringe anarchy only”, “You’re the Tubbo to my Tommy”, “I’d start a civil war for you”, “I’d let you steal my mustache”, “My golden heart is yours”, “Bro”, “I have OneLife and its yours”, “I’d let you win in dodgebolt”, “You make my heart explode like L’Manburg” the list really does go on.

You probably think those don’t make sense either but to SOME people, a very small amount of people, these are awesome.

What was I talking about?



And I’ve nothing more to say.

Like and subscribe nerds, I love you all.


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