In Which I Speedrun My Own Questions

Oya everyone!

It’s officially spring now, and that is good. Still a little cold but we’ll ignore that.

Do you guys remember when I did the Liebster Award tag? And I had to ask eleven questions at the end, and I mentioned how I’d like to answer them myself?

Well I’m going to.

Because I do what I want.

(Also because I don’t think anybody actually answered them and I’d like them not to go to waste)

Question One: Have you ever written a story based on a song?

Yes I have! A few times, actually. You’ve seen the Plant Life and Bird With a Broken Wing ones. I’ve also half-written one based on Soldier, Poet, King because that song is AWESOME in every way, and I really should continue it at some point. And several more things that aren’t necessarily stories based on songs, but characters or relationships. They’re some of my favorites as well.

Question Two: Do you have specific things (snacks, tea, music) that you use to get into writing mode?

When I first started writing, my mom bought me this like . . .cheesy popcorn stuff. It was fantastic, and I would eat a little of it every time I would work on my book. So now every time I eat it or smell it my brain goes ‘ah yes, book, fire and swords and such yes’. As for music, I have some Youtube playlists that I would listen to at that same time. I haven’t used them in a long time but maybe if I did, I would get more writing done.

Something to experiment with anyway.

Question Three: What do you do when you don’t have motivation to write?

. . .


I usually just don’t write.

But if I REALLY need to, I will let myself daydream for a while about the stuff I want to happen later in the book, and turn on the Horizon Zero Dawn OST and try. If that doesn’t work, I have one of my friends give me motivation. This usually comes in the form of them writing a tiny story snippet where one of their characters is in a predicament, and the story can only progress with every, say, three hundred words I write. It works wonderfully.

Question Four: Favorite Youtuber/streamer?

Technoblade and Ranboo, next question please.

Question Five: When did you start writing?

Technically, around 2008 or so. Practically? 2017.

Question Six: What are your favorite types of villains?

Ooh this is a good one. I tend to gravitate in my own writing towards the villains that you don’t initially suspect to be the bad guy. Like, you know that they’re bad news and probably won’t be helpful, but you don’t expect them to actually be as evil and in control as they are. I also like villains with a proper sense of humor, and smart ones that don’t waste resources and such, because beating a villain with sense is ever so much more satisfying than defeating a Darth Vader.

That being said, absolute goofball derps are also fun. They try so hard to be evil and they’re just laughably pitiful and usually end up being actually helpful to the good guys in the end.

Question Seven: What is the weirdest writing-related thing you’ve done?

Hoooooo boy.

I’ve done a lot of weird things.

But the things I’ve written are actually a lot weirder than the things I’ve done to write them.

Like writing an autobiography of a tortoise.

Question Eight: Opinion on fuzzy socks?

Incredible. Useful for sliding through the kitchen like a boss. Make you look like a crazy person if you wear them with normal clothes. 11/10

Question Nine: What is your most used character type?

See this post.

Question Ten: Angst or fluff?

I’m an angsty boi. But fluff makes me melt so hard especially if its fOUND FAMILY-

So yeah, both.

Question Eleven: What is the book that made you cry the hardest?

The Warden and the Wolf King, the last book in the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. Three AM, sobbing.

For context I NEVER cry at books.

I mean not usually, at this point I’ve cried at about seven books in my entire life.

Yeah but I finished it and was so ANGRY and confused and heartbroken, so I snuck downstairs and got on Skype and was like “GUYS I AM NOT OKAY” and my lovely supportive friends in other timezones comforted me/laughed at me because they’d already read the series.

AND WE’RE DONE. Sorry this post was a bit scuffed, I had to speedrun, but I hope it makes you at least smile a little bit. See you next week!


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