A Few Of My Favorite Things

Oya everyone!

Happy Easter! I know it was yesterday, but y’know. I actually had a lovely time yesterday, one of the best parts was I went out in the yard and just laid in the grass for a solid forty-five minutes thinking about stuff. Absolutely fantastic, 10/10 would do again, you should try it.

This week I’ve actually been mostly focusing on schoolwork, not really anything writing-related, so I’ve not much to tell you guys. So instead I will be giving you a little list of random stuff that just makes me really happy, because why not?

  • G, Bm, C chord progression
  • very tiny flowers
  • open windows in spring
  • the flute riff in KVBA’s Resource Gathering
  • geese
  • plants in glass jars
  • Sleepy Bois Inc.
  • Spider-Man
  • orange roses
  • birds making noises in the morning
  • Technoblade’s happy !!!! sound
  • people smiling
  • people laughing
  • when a cat sits in the hood of my jacket
  • head pats
  • singing full voice
  • long flowy skirts
  • ‘They’re brothers, your honor” trope
  • ivy on buildings
  • being barefoot in the grass
  • Minecraft endermen
  • sliding in fuzzy socks
  • holding hands
  • deep purples and blues
  • anything found family
  • sunflowers

I’ve not much else to say but I love you all and I’ll see you next week! I’m actually going to be livestreaming on Youtube this Wednesday, most likely at around 1 pm central time, if you’d like to come hang out. And if you’re reading this too late to see the livestream, don’t worry! You can just subscribe to my channel (Aislinn Mollisong, here’s the link) and then you’ll be able to make it to future streams as well as just watching the videos.

Thank you for reading! Bye!


2 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Oh! I will definitely be watching you livestream, and we have very many of the same favorite things! Where I live, we have a field that has so many teeny purple flowers and I love walking there 🙂


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