A Tuesday Post Because I Ran Out Of Time

Oya everyone!

Uh, yeah. It’s Tuesday.

I can explain.

Basically last week was action-packed. I didn’t have time to do anything much, especially not write a blog post. Or even think about one really. So late Sunday night I realized, oh. Right. Blog exists.

But then Monday was EXTREMELY action-packed. See, my younger siblings are in a program called Classical Conversations. And yesterday was the last day. I do childcare for it, mostly just in the mornings but sometimes in the afternoon too if they need me. And they did. And also that evening they had a program for all the parents and grandparents and everything to see what the kids learned and give out awards and all that kind of thing.

So it was a really long, exhausting, full day. And I didn’t have a post for you guys.

Not that I really had a plan for one anyway . . .

So, uh, I guess I’ll just kind of tell you what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been writing a lot again, not books but side projects, figuring out how to write new kinds of characters and making some changes to my writing voice to fit my stories better. I’ve been doing more stuff outside since it’s been warm, putting up fences and moving my chickens to their ‘summer house’. Flowers have been blooming so Sunday I made a batch of violet jelly, which sounds kind of weird but its awesome. We’ll be making dandelion jelly pretty soon, and that’s the best kind.

Today we’ve been spring cleaning, and all of the windows are open and music is always playing, different kinds, my dad’s favorite bluegrass and reels, Minecraft music disc songs, a few of my favorite electronic bops, the random love songs my sister sings along with. You can hear all the starlings and songbirds outside. My cat Pesky Bird, expecting kittens within the next couple weeks, keeps randomly brushing against my legs and purring at me. There’s plants in my room that grateful mothers gifted me last night in exchange for watching their kids.

I think it’s a pretty good day, all things considered.

So yeah, sorry about the late post, things have just been wack. Bye! See you next week!


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