Emily Lyn Joins Us Again!

Oya everyone!

Emily’s here again

Here we go


Hello my humans!! If you are reading this from the email, I’ma need you to click the link and go to the actual website. Please. People looking at the email doesn’t give views or anything, so why not help out and just read it in an official way.
(Since I understand that simply being told to do something is lame, and bribes are much better… I’m gonna do that.)

If you clicked the link and visit the real website and leave a comment, I shall give you a special prize. (Which will be at the bottom of the post) It’s a perty cool thing, so I would suggest you comment. >. >

Alright, so hopefully you have accepted the bribe and are now reading the post from the website.

First of all; How ya doin? 🙂 I’m personally doing well. However, I’m extremely tired and want to sleep forever.
I was considering doing an art dump, but since I broke my phone and can no longer see half the screen, taking pictures and transferring them has proven to be quite difficult.

So, I will be be showing you some pictures I took awhile ago.

(Please don’t steal them. I trust you.)

This child is one of the most adorable humans in the world, and an amazing model. I have photos of his whole face as well as other people, however for protection reasons you only get to see this much! Wooo!

Also bridge. This was a pretty bridge.

I laid in the road, and then a car decided to back up right then.

So, that concludes my picture dump! I hope you liked them? I guess?
Honestly idk what to say now. BUT, I’ma give you an amazing playlist (because I was listening to it on repeat while writing this.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjZKV8gqsDY

I only like the songs. Not the movie. It’s nasty. No watch it.

BUT YEAH. Hopefully you listened to the bribe and did as I asked. SO NOW YOU CAN MAYBE HAVE THE PRIZE!!!

~ Just say something in the comments and I’ll draw you, a character, or something. Idk.

~Emily Lyn


Hope y’all enjoyed! In case you were wondering, yeah camp was awesome, I love it with all of my heart. I’m still too tired to figure out how to do an outro.

But also, blog post may or may not happen next week, because we are going on a vacation and stuff. So. Yes.


I’ll come up with really good ideas for you in the meantimes.



4 thoughts on “Emily Lyn Joins Us Again!

  1. ❤ You climbed this bridge??? Of course you did!!! 😓😉🥰 Beautiful photos! ❣💪Hope you all have a safe and fantastic adventure!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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