It Finally Happened!

Oya everyone!

How has your week been, has it been alright? Done any cool stuff? Hung out with friends? Ate good food? Stood outside in the rain? Held baby bunnies?

I did that stuff, it was great.

But I did so much of that stuff that I actually did not get this written in time.

I think at this point y’all are used to me.

So a Tuesday post it is!

The first thing I’ve got to tell you guys is something very exciting. At least for me. Some of you know the name of Aislinn Mollisong. Well, she was my first character ever, and she’s grown along with me since I was thirteen. There’s literally, like, five years of backstory and complicated lore for her, and hers is an intricate story I’ve been weaving together almost every day for years. This story has been written on thirty-four Google Documents, with more than twelve people.

And last night, all of my work came to a head.

It’s difficult to explain without going into a lot of stuff that most of you won’t understand or care about very much, but let’s just say that we have reached a turning point that I always knew was coming, but in a way that was too perfect for me to predict. Aislinn is finally going to start getting better.

I am extremely excited about it, but like I said, very few of you actually know what any of this means. Only one of you knows even as much as half of it. Hello, You. -waves-

So moving on.

Aside from the Aislinn stuff, I haven’t been getting a ton of writing done, but I have been doing a lot of thinking about writing. Which, I know, doesn’t technically count, but things are starting to come together properly with several projects. And honestly figuring out what your story is actually doing with its life is probably more productive than staring at the document and occasionally writing a singular sentence and giving up because you’ve no idea what anyone is doing or why they’re doing it.

Soooo . . . I Promise I’m Not The Hero sequel is in the developing stages.


Another thing I have been doing recently is watching a lot of the Theory channels. Like, MatPat’s stuff, Game Theory and Film Theory and Food Theory.

I have been learning so much.

For example, did you know that Snow White was most likely poisoned by nightshade? And the thing that brought her out of the coma was not in fact the kiss, but the activated carbon she had been breathing as she was around the dwarves, who worked in diamond and coal mines? Or that the best thing to help with eating extremely spicy food is a citrus syrup, because acid and sugar work together to neutralize and mask capsaicin? Or that the scene at the end of Portal 2 is completely accurate, because you can in fact survive (albeit uncomfortably) in space for several minutes?

Also, a lot of little fun facts like the corporate Oreo intrigue, cardboard box manufacturing, and how the KFC guy may or may not have cursed a Japanese baseball team after his statue was chucked in a river.

I like learning useless facts like that, it’s one of my favorite things. And hey, you never know when something might be useful in a book somewhere.

I also watched the Mysterious Benedict Society show, and it was so good??? So much better than I was expecting, I was squealing the entire time. I think after a few more episodes come out I’ll do a little review thing for you guys. So far, I’m enjoying it and they aren’t scuffing it and I’m happy.

That’s all I can think to talk about, so I’ll see you guys next week when I’ve prepared.


I probably won’t have prepared.

Well at least the post will be on time next week.

We hope.



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