Thank You For Your Patience

Oya everyone!

Yeah, uh, sorry for just kinda dipping last week. Things went really crazy.

For one thing, I graduated, like officially, and there was this mega party (thank you mother) and the setup for it alone took like two weeks. And then the whole of Saturday was graduationificatifying.

Don’t just me on my word choice I’m tired.

Also that weekend, my friend came over. But you see this friend I have known for five years and never met, and she just showed up at my house without me even expecting anything at all. One second I’m watching Game Theory and the next boom, there’s Silver, at my house, and I’m having a bit of a mental breakdown because she’s at my house dfnsbfdjngsbfdihng.

After that it was fine though. Watched Howl’s Moving Castle and did not understand it at all. Saturday we went to the library, actually, and it was great! There’s like a teen room there, and I’ve always been too scared to go in, but then we were looking at the books next to it and I turn and there’s a wall entirely a whiteboard and on that wall is an incredible drawing of Ranboo.

So we went in.

I mean c’mon, man, this is epic!!! I wish they’d signed it or something.

The people supervising there were actually really really nice and they talked to us and it was kind of awkward because they like . . . they expected us to come back? We are not coming back. But they were super nice anyhow.

Then we went home and started to set up all the last-minute stuff for the party. It was going great, a few family members and friends showed up early to help with food and decorations and stuff, and we had tents and tarps creating a shaded area with fairy lights all strung everywhere.

Did I mention my party was themed around the birthday party at the beginning of The Lord Of The Rings?

Well it was.

So we were making everything as hobbitlike as possible and having a blast doing it when


out of nowhere

It starts to storm.

The radar said it would pass over us very quickly, maybe ten minutes at the most. So nobody was very worried, just taking the fragile and important stuff back inside to wait it out. It started raining, then it started getting realllly windy.

One edge of the tarp suddenly ripped off the pole holding it up and started flinging everything every, I got hit in the head with something, everything was soaked, everyone was screaming.

It took a minute or two but we got everything under control and just held on to the tarps and tents to wait out the storm. It lasted considerably longer than ten minutes, and water kept dumping onto our heads and the people were all very stressed.

I was having the time of my life.

Eventually the storm did stop after enough time to make my mother nervous, and the preparations continued as planned. The rest of the party was epic but honestly I don’t remember enough to relay it to you, mostly it was me saying hi to people and trying to keep all of my beloved but very bad-at-decision-making friends alive. And eating a ton of food, because hobbits, and because there were so many brownies it was awesome

Then there were fireworks, and all was right with the world.

Well the rest of that week, some of our cousins stayed with us, and it was great. Kind of stressful, because there were nine kids in the house now (ten if you count Silver, but she went home on Monday and everybody cried) and we did all sorts of fun things, going to a pool, getting a calf, a baby chicken hatched, Mom read my book to them and they actually enjoyed it. But it was just so very chaotic. I also completely broke my computer due to an unfortunate tea spill, which heavily contributed to the lack of post. I got really sick because of medicine mixups.

It was just

So much.

So yeah. That’s what happened. I’m really tired. Love you all. See you next week!


One thought on “Thank You For Your Patience

  1. Wow, sounds chaotic and awesome! Your birthday party sounds AWESOME, and that’s so cool about your friend who you’ve never met coming over!

    Liked by 1 person

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