Hey Guess What It’s Monday Again

Oya everyone!

It’s September now! And September makes me really happy. It’s just my favorite. Sorry about no post last week, there was a lot going on and I couldn’t think of anything good.

She says, as if she’s thought of something good this week.

To be honest I haven’t had many creative things going on in my brain lately. Most of my day is taken up with work and then I’m quite dead in the head for the rest of it.


I FINALLY finished rewriting part one of Embers Burning!

It took me like a year and a half but I did it and it’s done.

And I have now moved on to rewriting part two.

-existential dread intensifies-

It should be better this go round, though. For part one I was just making everything better, for part two I’m going to be almost writing from scratch. Many, many things are going to be different. Hopefully that means it will be better. I’m going to try to do some things I wanted to do in the first attempt but forgot about because I just kinda hurtled along with no plan. The characters are going to be much more fleshed out, with more interaction, and there will be fewer of them. (RIP to those random guys, you will be missed but most likely forgotten)

We’re also hopefully going to explore more of the Gan Ceol concept which I introduced in the first attempt but never really implemented in any way that mattered. That’s kind of an extremely important story point, and it would probably be best if I actually did it right, yeah?

Another thing I wanted to do from the beginning that I just . . . didn’t? For some reason? was make Brendan a shepherd, which would be important for plot reasons and character development and theme and just . . . everything. I dunno what I was thinking.

Also there will be more found family. Because it’s not an Ashley Everhart book if there is no found family. But there will also unfortunately be more sadness because of it, and I think I should be concerned how much I’m looking forward to it. We will also have, like, 200% more Jack content. We love to see it. The boy. He will have adventures.

We’re actually coming up on the four-year anniversary of starting this thing which is . . .sad. It’s mostly just sad. But whatever, it’s fine, it’ll happen eventually. But October is a big month for me, writing-wise, so I’m planning on doing some form of Promptober again. You guys seemed to like that last year and honestly I’m looking to see how much I’ve improved on my short story-ing in one year.

So I guess I’ll see you guys next week!


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