So Like . . . Thanksgiving, Am I Right?

Oya everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! Late, obviously, but it happened. A time for remembering all the things you’re thankful for, making sappy Instagram posts, eating a lot of mashed potatoes, and rationalizing that technically it’s okay to be listening to Christmas music already because there’s nothing else good on the radio and really it’s helping to stave off the madness so it’s fiiiiine.

I had a very interesting week, and in fact it was so interesting that I had literally no time to even think about this blog’s existence so here we are on Sunday night trying to be funny!


So we got a puppy, that’s probably one of the more important things that happened. Her name is Lucy, she’s an Old English-American bulldog mix, and she looks like this:

Yeah, that’s me holding her. Hair reveal I guess?

There’s a whole long story behind the acquisition of this dog, but I won’t go into it for multiple reasons. Suffice it to say Dad walked in the house with a puppy unannounced and everyone agreed it was very in-character for him.

That was Monday night. Tuesday, our choir joined two other homeschool choirs and the homeschool band and orchestra for their concert. We sang the First Noel with the orchestra, and then everybody (around one hundred kids) performed God Of Our Fathers and it was incredible, it sounded like a Lord of the Rings soundtrack, or possibly Halo. The orchestra was just, amazing, incredible, I want recordings of the stuff they played.

Wednesday was a rather unpleasant work experience, as the ENTIRE CITY decided to come in to the restaurant ALL AT THE SAME TIME. And somebody ordered three entire gallons of tea during the rush, which if you didn’t know takes a long time to make and also makes a mess and requires one of us to be doing that for as long as it takes, leaving the other alone against the hordes. We ran out of silverware. We almost ran out of plates. We ran out of clean tables. It was an issue. Like, good for us because we made a lot of money, but it sucked! It just was not fun!

After work the family went out and we got our yearly ornaments and touched every piece of fabric at the craft store, bemoaned the price of materials that stops us from creating intricate 19th century dresses, and found the prettiest blue yarn EVER. I now own it and have always made three things with it.

But after we got home?

I built a PC.


From scratch.

See, my computer has been on its last legs for a while, as I’m sure those of you who follow my Youtube channel are well aware of. Jacob and I have been working together the past couple of months to find a new, better one, he with his knowledge of computers and I with having money. There were many complications and stalls, as is normal whenever I try to do anything, but eventually all of the parts showed up ready to be assembled. So Wednesday night Jacob and I got in a Discord call and started putting the PC together.

There’s a VR game called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. It’s a really fun co-op game where one person (the one playing in VR) has a bomb to defuse, and the other person has the instructions to defuse it. You have to communicate back and forth in order to defuse the bomb before the timer runs out.

This felt exactly like that game.

And we were really good at it.

At one point, my head was entirely inside the PC case, one foot stretched out to touch a metal chair so I didn’t accidentally overload the motherboard with static electricity, wrist at an entirely awkward angle plugging tiny cords into a poorly labeled socket, trying not to snap the tiny metal poles that held it together, Jacob frantically googling what the metallic gray goop that had gotten smeared on my hand was, and I was having the time of my life.

We ended up staying awake and on call until around 1 am, waiting for the OS to download in the most scuffed way it could have, because of course, and while we waited we schemed for the series that’s going to come out soon, and it was awesome.

Then came Thanksgiving. The morning was spent cooking, watching the parade (well, the big sponsorship ad that occasionally showed balloons and stuff) and doing whatever setting-up hadn’t been done with Jacob on the computer. By the time we left for Grandpa’s I had most of my recording and gaming stuff sorted and it felt good.

Thanksgiving itself was pleasantly unremarkable. We vibed. I met a new baby cousin. Good food. After being at Grandpa’s, we went to our great grandma’s house to hang out with my grandma while she sorted through Great Grandma’s things, and this is where things get interesting again! See, I’ve had this cut on my face for a couple months, right on my jaw, and it just hasn’t healed. It’s also gotten a little weird, like the scab puffs out into a weird unpleasant bump. But the most irritating part of this is that it bleeds just profusely if it’s at all disturbed. My dad recently figured out what it is, and there’s a big long term for it that I don’t remember but basically my body is very confused on how fixing wounds works and so its a little overzealous with making new cells and blood vessels and they’re all scrunched up where they shouldn’t be. But the bleeding is the issue.

So basically it started and it didn’t stop and my mom was concerned to the point that she wanted to take me to urgent care at 10pm on Thanksgiving. Didn’t end up happening, fortunately, because it looked worse than it really was, but yeah. That happened.

Friday was mostly uneventful until we left Grandma’s house. We visited a couple antique thrift stores for some presents, but on our way home my car (which we’d been driving) overheated and broke down. Cue a few stressful hours of waiting and shuffling and a couple incredibly nice and generous uncles who drove us home.

Saturday I worked a lot and then played Minecraft with friends on the new PC.

And here we are Sunday, Monday when you’re reading this, if you are. To be honest I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t. I legitimately just . . . forgot about the blog this week hahahah . . . . anyhow.

See you next week, hopefully with Actual Content!


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