I’m Back!

Oya everyone!

I am back! I have returned from my break!

Did I enjoy the break?


Have I gotten anything done that I said I would?


Will this year be better for the blog?


In all seriousness, hi guys. I hope your Christmas went well, mine did. I hope your New Year was happier than it was stressful and exhausting. I hope that if you made resolutions, you’re still at least trying to fulfill them. I hope you’re doing well.

By the time you read this I’ll have had another birthday and so will The Everhart Author, which is exciting. A little scary. But exciting. I’m not gonna say anything deep this year because I don’t feel like it, but thank you guys for sticking with me with this.

Now who wants to hear what kind of naffnut shenanigans I got up to in the last month?

We’ll start off with something that actually happened before I took my hiatus; Gavin’s birthday party.

Gavin is one of Emily’s best friends, and he’s just. He’s the funniest guy. It’s not fair how funny he is. And he had a birthday, so he invited us, and the Boys, and most of the youth group out to the community center in his town to hang out and eat food and do all that stuff.

(I should also mention that earlier this same day, I went to the doctor for a blood test and actually passed out because they took so much. So that. Happened.)

This community center was an interesting place. It’s actually an old high school with most of the downstairs converted into a public space, with a stage in the gym and a place to have weddings and a big room for eating food.

But the upstairs.

The upstairs was classrooms, and offices, all in one big long hallway.

Completely dark.

Completely empty.

Completely silent.

There is a video game called Phasmophobia, wherein you hunt ghosts in various locations. One of them happens to be an abandoned high school.

And this place was identical. Down to the placement of the desks.

In one room, three children’s chairs sat in a row, all by themselves, right in the middle.

So obviously the entire group of teenagers spent the next couple of hours running around up there playing mafia and screaming. Because what else are you gonna do? It was awesome, a lovely time, and we were all terrified out of our wits the entire party.

A while later we went to a Christmas party with this same group, and it was a fantastic time as well. Someone was given an actual sword. (Jacob is now a man who owns five swords) Someone else got an axe. Someone else got a David Hasselhoff plushie. There was a glorious battle. Jackbox was played and my strange collection of knowledge about the US postal service, adrenaline, and Australasian geography for once came in handy. So much chocolate was consumed and many bits were committed to.

Christmas itself was chill, mostly uneventful, but incredibly enjoyable. Well, uneventful but for the fact that in testing my new microphone and the streaming capabilities of my pc, I accidentally made friends with a Ukrainian fella in Sea of Thieves and we had a lovely time collecting treasure.

January so far has been mostly a lot of recording and working on Youtube things, trying to work out all the technical difficulties as more and more crop up. But it’s going well. If you like the sorts of things I write, you might enjoy a series coming out pretty soon on my Youtube channel. Please watch. I’m working so hard on it please–



So yeah, I had a nice break. I was going to say more about it but honestly? It’s all a bit of a blur. A lot of working, a lot of being cold, and a lot of being happy. Now I’m nineteen and that’s pretty cool.

Also! A new development. I am now officially a Lady. Legally, anyhow. Y’know how you can buy land in Scotland or Ireland and get a title? My parents did that for me for my birthday. So.

That happened.

Lady Everhart sounds pretty cool, yeah?

Thank you so much for reading, and sticking with me even though things have been wack. I promise it’s going to get better at least for a while, because you guys deserve the best I can give you. Love you all, like and subscribe please, and see you next week!


p.s. Christmas haul because I got some cool stuff and I wanna show you

Benchtrio + Wilbur pins (LOOKIT THE LITTLE TOMMY HE’S SO CUTE–)
Microphone for streaming and videos
Listening to this while I’m writing this post actually
Two custom notebooks, a painting, and merch (of me! MERCH OF ME GUYS!!!) from my friends
Plant Life drawing!!!! My friends are incredible.
Dream SMP, but cats! From my sister.

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