Interview with Veraza Winterknight

Oya everyone!

Time for another interview! This one is my friend who goes by Veraza. She’s very cool, very epic, very good at writing incredible and terrifying villains. I don’t have any links to point you to her work, but I would advise you to keep an eye out for the name. Whatever she puts out, it’s going to be good.


When did you start writing?

Honestly, it’s getting hard to remember at this point. But it was in the summer, almost five years ago, I think? That was when I started writing at all, though, and when I really got into it wasn’t until a year or two later, when I started the first and only novel I’ve actually finished thus far.

What made you want to be a writer?

Honestly, it was my friends. I found my fellow writers, and things just clicked. “Oh, this is how I get out all the stories in my head. Let’s do it.”

What is your current favorite book and author?

Aosidghsois why do you ask the hard questions. So far I’ve been saying Fawkes by Nadine Brandes is my favorite book, but that’s mostly just cuz it’s my favorite standalone novel. Nadine’s also one of my favorite authors… along with Bryan Davis, Timothy Zahn, and James Riley.

What genre do you usually write in and why?

Oh, 100% spec fic. It’s what I mainly read, and what I enjoy most. Plus, one of my absolute favorite things about writing is worldbuilding, and you don’t get that much outside of spec fic.

I’ve also dabbled in poetry a bit, but can only write it when inspired. And yes, it’s always free form.

Tell me about your books, or your WIP(s).

Well, I have one finished novel, though it desperately needs a second draft. That one’s a dystopian, temporarily called The Red Rider, about a girl and her quest for revenge against her brother, who, despite being a p u r e man, murdered their sister.

Then my current WIP is a fantasy, temporarily titled Captive Flames, the first book to come of a trilogy. Here’s a tentative blurb, written by my amazing friend, because I had no brain to think of one myself, and despise all blurbs I’ve previously written for it.

For Nuri, a boy who has known no parents, and only a world of pain, becoming a master of magic is the only way he can stop himself from hurting people. The only way he can control the destruction that comes from a mere brush of his fingers–destruction that stole his only friend from his grasp. When a man claiming to be Nuri’s father enters, he brings an impossible request. He demands for Nuri to help him in a plot against the crown–a plot Nuri goes along with… until he meets Lillia Noctem, the crown princess.

Now entangled in a royal plot he wishes no part in, Nuri has to juggle keeping Lillia safe, and keeping both of them out of the wrath of their cruel captors. Captors that force Nuri to do things he never wanted to do again, things he’s feared ever since he was a child.

What is your favorite weapon?

That- Is like asking me who my favorite author is- Again, why are u cruel? The thing immediately coming to mind is shurikens, but I have to say it’s actually daggers and swords, as my smol collection of knives already must show.

Who helps you the most with your writing?

Definitely my friends. I would never have finished my first novel if not for their encouragement and support.

What is your favorite thing to describe? 

I- My auto reaction to that was characters and their clothing, which is probably accurate. I adore figuring out my characters specific styles, and trying to convey it in writing.

Which of your characters is your favorite?

…can I cheat and tell two? Cuz I honestly can’t decide between them. The first is from The Red Rider. His name is Zane Daylore, and I love him so much. He’s a former agent for the tyrannic government, but figured out all of its crap, and is now a rebel with the best salty streak.

The second is from Captive Flames, and is Lillia Noctem. She’s a princess, and is just the saddest most traumatized child, but also literally so nice. You get her attached to you, and you ain’t ever getting rid of her. 

If one of your characters could become real which one would you want?

…that’s a terrifying question. Most would probably try to murder me. Honestly… if they weren’t allowed to murder me, I would love to be best friends with Zane. If they are allowed to murder me, then definitely Lillia. She wouldn’t try to kill me no matter what I did, and I just wanna give her a f r i e n d. Plus she- Has a gold touch- So y’know- Free money’s never bad.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Pretty much… don’t give up, and get friends. I flatline on books a lot, but I always find that when I force myself to keep pushing, then I break through and get back into them, but if it weren’t for friend support, I wouldn’t be able to keep pushing. 

Describe a potato in your style. 

(Not my usual style but I decided to have fun today)

A potato? Why, a potato is the very cap of elegance in this world. For how else can you describe the father of french fries? They are cloaked in an earthen skin that merely hides the intense purity of their insides. You may say they are all one and the same, yet each and every one is unique, with their own scars and bruises that carry such weight in this world. And each is honored to become a different vessel, whether remaining in their original form, yet cooked, being sliced to thin succulence as chips, or being brought to their ultimate perfection in the form of french fries. Why, you ask, such a focus on fries, rather than the potato itself? Because, I say, there is no potato, without the fries. And with that, I leave you to your new french fry cravings.


Thank you so much, Veraza, for doing this interview (and on such short notice. oops)! And thank you guys for reading, be sure to leave her a nice comment down below, and I’ll see you next week!


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