Interview with Grace Lostfound

Oya everyone!

I have another friend for you all to meet! She goes by Grace Lostfound, and she’s one of my best friends and closest writing companions. I love her and I love her work and I want you guys to know a little more about her! So without further ado, here she is!


Hallo people! Hi. Glad to be on here, I have never been good at introductions so this is what you get I suppose.

When did you start writing?

I began the adventure of writing somewhere around the age of maybe eight? Just little bits and pieces back then, stories crafted together with half correct words and pictures pasted onto notebook pages from old magazines. After a while I gave up trying to write them and simply imagined them in my mind; up until I met a young writing enthusiast who re-introduced me to the wonders of writing when I was fourteen. Since then I’ve loved it, met a whole lot of people probably just as crazy as me and will probably never quit writing.

What made you want to be a writer?

The pure, wonderful, unbelievably amazing power of imagination and storytelling. Everything about it has intrigued me since I was just a child dreaming about dragons. That one can weave together words, sentences, ideas, emotions and a whole honking story And make people feel what your characters are feeling, learn with them, imagine those brilliant images in their minds just like you did is simply awesome.

Also the fact that you get to write with other people who get it.

And all those stories aren’t trapped in your head, uselessly doing nothing. In a story you can share the truths you store to others. And that, my friends, is one of the most satisfying things I have the ability to do.

What is your current favorite book and author?

Um. . . I only get to pick one . . ? Okay. I despise this question, but it’s alright. Favorite book as of right now is likely . . . the Bible, because life has not allowed me to read a proper book in at least two weeks, and that has some pretty cool stories in it; the best, really, that’s where all the good story morals come from. Favorite authors are probably Andrew Peterson or Ashley Everhart (that is definitely one, yes, I can count). I love the stories they write. I just do. 🙂

What genre do you usually write in and why?

Typically Fantasy, because you can do so much and I adore things like elves, halflings, wingers, changelings, and the giant amount or lore and things you can do in that genre. However, I do enjoy dabbling in others too. Dystopian, slice of life, I have never written any historical fiction but I love reading it so it’s doomed to happen sometime along the way.

Tell me about your books, or your WIP(s).

Ah, the question of questions, the one authors and writers wish they had stayed home for and regret telling people they wrote because of.

My current WIP is called The LostFound Chronicles and is about a young girl – Lilly LostFound, or simply Lilly – who is ripped from her own written story into an AI game that reads different online books or stories and lets the person playing have their avatar play through any story of their choice. Although trapped in the program and unable to change anything or do anything about the situation during a game, she and other avatars similarly locked into the AI are able to jump back and forth to any story they’ve visited before. As the rather secret AI gets passed between a few friends, writers and gamers, both the good and bad things of jumping from story to story unfold. It’s . . . honestly a bit confusing? But it is also one of the best things that I have ever started and I only hope to go through with it and finish someday.

That’s the only one I’m going to try and bore your confused minds with at the moment, though there are many, many other projects laying around in the progress of being worked on.

What is your favorite weapon?

😀 Yes! Much better question, I love this question! My personal favorite is a knife, since it is small, portable, hidable, dangerous and collectable. Butterfly knives or throwing knives have always been my favorite despite the fact that I . . . may not actually have any. Currently, that is.

Knives are also very useful in the everyday uses of life, from opening boxes, cutting fruit, or other odd ended things of which I have done many.

Who helps you the most with your writing?

Two people: Veraza Winterknight and Ashely Everhart. Both basically got me into writing, and both have continued to encourage me in my writing, along with simply rambling about any project for far too long, helping with things like world building and character building and making sure things actually lineup, reading my work, and roleplaying. Role Playing, surprisingly, was one of the most fun, most helpful things I have ever learned to do with other writers that is helpful. Also, just so, so fun. 

What is your favorite thing to describe? 

I like describing settings or landscapes, and emotions. The challenge of it is simply intriguing. 

Which of your characters is your favorite?

Lilly LostFound. Always. She is extremely based off of myself, and while I don’t like to seem selfish or prideful of having a favorite character that is . . . basically myself, she is fun to write and nothing ever stays the same where she is. Everywhere she goes disaster follows, usually followed by people either getting very confused, angered, or attempting to either adopt her or befriend her. After it all things in the story typically change for the better and leave an impact on both the story and other characters, and that is something that is always enjoyable.

If one of your characters could become real which one would you want?

Not Lilly, or the ones that would murder me. Probably someone calm like Cassy from The LostFound Chronicles, who would drink tea with me and get very happy about things like reading books, walking about nature or small children. I like all my limbs and do not wish to get stabbed. So we’re going with Cassy.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?

That is . . . a hard question. Simply that whatever they write, whatever their aim is, do it for a reason, and do it like you’re there to change people’s lives not just tell them simply ‘a story’. If you write, write to show whoever is reading (which includes you, too) the ways your characters deal with things, how to endure through trials and hard times and whatever moral you decide to portray in your writing.

And find friends. Other people who also write and understand what it’s like to bash your head on a keyboard at one in the morning because you were supposed to be writing and watched youtube and procrastinated for three hours doing exactly not that. People who will help you and encourage you and talk about writing nonsense. They help a lot, and it makes writing ten times more enjoyable when you know that you aren’t alone.

Describe a potato in your style. 

Potatoes. Both cookable, diceable, stewable, sliceable, and eatable in the manner you would devour an apple too. Very hard and useful for capacitating people if needed. Difficult to find when planted in one’s garden and even more so if the ground is hard to dig in. A bit brownish, but a creamy tan on the inside. Fun to use when playing pretend and even more fun to simply chuck as far as you possibly can across the yard; for the pure joy of throwing something edible that no one will realize is food when it hits the earthy ground it came from.


Thank you so much, Grace! And thank you all for reading! Grace doesn’t have any socials or anything for you to follow, but I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on her books if any of what she writes sounds interesting to you! To make sure that you don’t miss it, why don’t you subscribe? Completely free, you can unsubscribe whenever you want, but when the number goes up Ashley is very happy. See you next week!


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