I Am Very Sorry

Oya everyone!

So um.

It’s been a month.

Yeahhhhh sorry about that. Things got, like, really wild. Like extremely wild. So many things happened and blog post was just not something I could do, and then it was Camp, and I only just got back and then when I got back I immediately got sick.

So. Yeah, I’m here now. A lot happened but if I’m gonna be honest I don’t remember most of it. From now on I’m going to really try to have regular posts, but for a while it might be one or two a month instead of every week. I have some content lined up, but it has to be written, and writing is just. Sort of incredibly hard for me to do at the moment.

Anyhow I’m not dead, and posts will be back next week which will probably either be Space Velociraptor or Jacob’s thoughts on the other two Lord of the Rings movies.

In conclusion, my apologies if you were wondering where I went, and hopefully there will be at least some content in the next few months. Thank you.


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