And So Closes September

Oya everyone!

Yeah, it’s been . . . a long time.

I’m sorry. I mean, I’m sure you haven’t missed it too much. I don’t think most of what I’ve posted in the last year can really be considered ‘quality content’. But maybe you looked forward to them anyway.

Most of it is just plain my fault. I didn’t want to put in the effort to plan ahead for posts, or I didn’t bother thinking about it until Sunday or even Monday night. Then I would be scrambling for something, anything to scrape together. And it wouldn’t be good, and I would continue feeling worse and worse about it every week.

I don’t want to stop. I really don’t. But every week I’ve come around to Monday with nothing to give you.

I’ve also just not had the time. I quit my job, went on a vacation for almost a week (I visited Ari, actually. It was fantastic. Maybe I’ll share pictures at some point), was out doing Things almost every day for two weeks, acquired a new job and had to train for it, went to a dance, car broke down on the highway. A lot of things. And yet nothing. It’s kind of been like being in limbo for me for a while.

So, I’m gonna try again. Because like I said. I don’t want to stop.

Next week is in October. I want to do Inktober again. Hopefully it will help me get back into the process of writing on my own and committing to my stories. So you will get October content, and I will start figuring out what sorts of content I actually want to do in the coming months. Space Velociraptor is still in progress, don’t worry, if you like that story it’s coming back in November.

I am very sorry. But I’m going to try to make this fun again.

Thank you.

See you next month.



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