I Rant About A Children’s Show

Oya everyone!

I’m not taking another break, I swear. However I did completely and utterly forget that this existed last week. My apologies. To be fair there was a lot going on last week.

I mean there’s always a lot going on.

It’s fine. I’m here now. Tuesday night, 6pm, on a computer that isn’t even mine.

I’m a professional.

One of the significant things that occurred in the span of time between July and October is that I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. No, I’d never seen it before. Grew up without that particular media in my childhood. I know, I know, absolutely heinous of me. But I’ve seen it now! Most of it anyway. A few episodes into the last season currently.

And honestly?

I get the hype. It’s awesome. It is unironically one of my favorite shows now. I had no idea exactly how much of the references and memes I knew were actually from the show. Now I actually understand them! It’s great.

I love all the characters so much. They’re brilliant. I just. Mmmmm. Yes. Except Katara. I am not a huge fan of Katara specifically, she can go, thank you. But oh my gosh Sokka!? Best boy. Would die for that man in a heartbeat. What an absolute buffoon. Aang is adorable and I love his design. He’s such a little guy, y’know? Uncle Iroh is the only man ever. Zuko was obnoxious in the first few episodes but there was a reason for it, and I finally know why everyone on the internet refers to him as the golden boy of redemption arcs. I love him. I am actively stealing things from him for my grumpy antisocial assassin boy Duncan. Toph is a bean. She’s just great. Every scene with her is iconic. Azula? Terrifying. Genuinely scared of that woman. She’s a fantastic villain though.

There’s more, there’s a lot more obviously, and most of them are my absolute beloveds. They feel like people instead of NPCs, y’know? I see a background character in this show and I’m just like yes. You. You exist and I’m happy about it.

The plot? For a children’s show, absolutely fantastic. There are things that don’t make sense. Obviously. Stuff just happens once in a while with very little explanation. But you know what? It works. It just works. I don’t need to question everything because I’m enjoying myself.

The magic system is also very similar to the one I came up with for my books. Which. Sucks. But I’m saying it here, I came up with it way before I ever watched ATLA. Like six years before. No stealing happened. At least not from that show. However, watching it is giving me new ideas on how to better implement it in my books in a way that fits the world and makes for a more interesting story, as well as several things I learned about certain types of characters. For example, I have a blind character who uses her wind-speaking in much the same way Toph uses earthbending in lieu of vision.

The turtleducks are also really, really cute.

I haven’t much more to say about the show, and by the time I’ve got to this point it’s Wednesday night. I promise my upload day is Tuesday. For whatever reason I cannot keep a deadline to save my life. I’ll try to do better from here. Anyhow, yeah! See you next week!



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