Interview with Peregrine!

Oya everyone! It’s a weird start to August, to be sure. Right now my window is open, it’s under 70 degrees, and it smells like October.

My brain is very confused right now.

Speaking of (;P) I brought a friend today! This is my friend Peregrine Appleclock/Dekreel/Joy, depending on where you know her from. I usually call her Peri and will continue to do so. She’s an artist (ooooh) and very very cool.


Say hi to the humans, Peri

Hey, y’all! Good to meet ya. :3

Since this is a writing blog, what are some things you have written? Poetry, short stories, anything like that.

Wellllll I’ve written a small handful of poems and haikus, some of which you can find on my blog. I tried writing some novel type thingies a few years ago but they never ended up taking off so that’s that, hahah. If I ever try again I’ll let you know.

What are some other things you enjoy doing?

Art is basically my main hobby. Ninety-nine percent of it is hand-drawn but I recently started dabbling in digital art too so that’s exciting. In the future I’d like to learn how to animate as well. I also like listening to music, playing video games, (mainly Minecraft right now), watching YouTube (mostly Minecraft and animation), talking to friends, reading, and whatever else I feel like doing at the moment.

Could you show us some of your AMAAAAAAZING art stuff and things?

What advice would you give aspiring artists?

Just keep drawing. . . . and keep drawing. Getting better isn’t about the inspiration, it’s about the grind. It won’t be pretty, and it won’t be fun. But it’s worth it.

Looking up references and tutorials is highly recommended. While it is fun to freestyle, having something to “guide your path” so to speak will help you.

And please. . . don’t compare yourself to other artists, no matter how experienced you are or they are. It does no good. Trust me. 😛

What are some of your current favorite books?

Hands down, my favorite book series has to be the Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. Top notch writing all the way. 👌 I also like Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, the Zita the Spacegirl series by Ben Hatke, Josiah’s Fire by Tahni Cullen and other books that I’m forgetting and will probably facepalm over later.

Any last words for the internet peoples of the internet?

I guess thanks for reading and thanks to Ace for having me!! It was an honor. 🙃


If you guys want to check out Peregrine and her artistic and poetic exploits, check her out on Instagram and her blog here!

(You better check out her blog because I did an interview for her over there and I think it’s pretty cool and I had a lot of fun with it)

As always, leave a like and subscribe if you think I’m funny, or if you think I’m cool or if you’re just bored and want something to read every week.



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