It Do Be December

Oya everybody!

So it’s December now! That is mega cool! Time for singing Christmas songs and watching mildly-creepy claymation movies and staring at a blank notebook labeled “Presents For People 2020” and huddling in your room with the heater on and claiming it’s for keeping the parakeets warm and not just for you and writing tiny stories of your characters giving each other presents and being insanely cute and having aunts and uncles over to joke and eat food and yell while playing old video games.

December is a fun month.

It’s also a little bit of a sad one.

See, all the Christmas hype is a good way to distract yourself from thinking about the fact that hey, the year’s almost over, and that’s a little bit scary. Especially since my birthday is at the beginning of the year, and I have to come to terms with the fact that after Christmas I am no longer going to be the age I am, in fact I am going to be a very scary age. So when one goes past thinking about Christmas and begins thinking about January, one feels a little lost.

So . . .

Christmas Hype let’s GO

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

(Not a rhetorical question, by the way, answer in the comments)

Mine is without a doubt The Muppet Christmas Carol. It just makes me happy. The music, the lighting, the Gonzo-Rizzo bickering, it all reminds me of when I was six and the only light came from the Christmas tree and the house was filled with that eerie but comforting quiet of a nighttime snowfall. It’s the priority Christmas movie in our house, and every time we watch it, as soon as the piano starts on the second song my entire body just relaxes and I’m content.

What about songs?

(Again. Comments plz)

Currently, I have a Christmas playlist on Spotify with six songs, four of which are Owl City. The only two that are not are Joy Unto The World by The Afters and Christmas Every Day by Unspoken. My favorite of the Owl City ones are Peppermint Winter (-happiness noises-) and Humbug (a BOP if there ever was one).

The qualifications to make it onto my Christmas playlist are very specific.

(Unless it’s Owl City in which case it’s automatically on there I mean come on)

Traditions? What kinda stuff does your family do?

My dad always takes us kids to Hobby Lobby and we each get an ornament every year. For the last nine years or so mine have been birds, and I don’t plan on breaking that streak any time soon. And every Christmas Eve we get special pajamas and we wear them all the next day. My siblings and I also have a tradition of doing our own ‘Santa presents’ and stocking stuff for our parents, which involves us staying up later than they do and getting the presents under the tree without getting caught.

The hardest part is staying up.

Oh, by the way, last Monday was the one-year anniversary of finishing my first book. This time last year, I was still recovering from the shock of writing an entire book in one month. Yep, it’s been a year since I finished I Promise I’m Not The Hero. Right now I’m getting ready to publish it, for real.

Hahahah very stressful woo

Now, I have some presents to make, so I’ll leave you guys be. But . . . if you liked reading my little Christmasy ramblings, why not leave a like? And subscribe if you want more posts? Yeah? Please?

Anyway byyeeeeee see you next week!


4 thoughts on “It Do Be December

  1. The Muppets (almost anything Muppets) are a huge favorite at our house, too, Miss Everhart 😉 – but around here, Peanuts probably rank 1st and I love “A Charlie Brown Christmas”… and as for Christmas songs… I love Owl City but have never heard the Christmas songs…so I will likely be adding them to my “hearted” songs on Spotify very soon! I have so many favorite Christmas songs that I don’t think I can pick just one! in the meantime… I’ll enjoy the glow of the Christmas lights right along with you ❤

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  2. Arthur Christmas has been my favorite Christmas movie since it came out and with Christmas music playing all the time at work I have to say my favorite song is Mele Kalikimaka.

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  3. Love it!!! My favorite is also My favorite Christmas Carol. I also like Prancer. My favorite songs are Welcome to Our World and How Many Kings. Great post, Kiddo!

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