got surgery lol

Oya everyone!

As some of you know, last Tuesday I got surgery. Wisdom tooth surgery, to be specific.


On my face.

Now this might not seem like a big deal to most people, but I’ve never had a surgery before, or ever had dental work done at all. So I’ve had no experience with anything that goes along with a surgery. And all I really knew about the aftermath was those videos you see on Youtube. You know the ones, when the person is getting driven home and they have lost their entire mind.

I was slightly nervous about that.

There was an entire month between the appointment to do x-rays and plan things out and the actual surgery date. So for the entire month I waited and worried a bit and wondered what the heck was going to come out of my mouth once the medicine took over my brain.

I started really getting nervous on Monday night, because mom reminded me that I couldn’t eat anything from then until the surgery, for the terrifyingly specific reason that if there was stuff in my stomach and I had a reaction to the anesthesia and threw up, I would choke on it and DIE.

Fun stuff.

So Tuesday morning I woke up at like 5:30, hungry and tired and jumpy. I was also feeling kinda sick. (I’m weird and have to eat right away in the morning or I feel sick to my stomach) The hospital is like over an hour away from where we live, so while mom drove and the sun came up I babbled about all manner of Youtube nonsense and SMP theories and frustrating bits of my book and how much I wished it would be spring already and how hungry I was and extremely complicated lore about Aislinn Mollisong that literally no one cares about.

When I’m nervous I ramble, if you couldn’t tell.

When we got to the hospital, absolutely NOBODY was there. Not even most of the staff. In fact, we got there at 7 (which they had told us to do, because I needed some extra fancy x-ray) and the person who’d told us to wasn’t even there for twenty minutes! So, more anxious waiting, wherein my mom whispered at me to stop bouncing my leg and my hands twitched in my pockets while I tried to be as quiet as possible. The nurse was really nice when she finally got there, and even though I had to weigh myself (which is always awkward) and then do an x-ray (which is TERRIFYING have you ever had a face x-ray there’s like a spinny boy that goes round your head and makes spaceship noises) it wasn’t too bad.

Then we had to go to the actual room.

Now, bear in mind, I have like . . . no experience whatsoever with medical procedures. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I was going to get an IV and that scared the heck out of me. The nurse started hooking me up to all these things and the heart beat monitor was beeping extremely loudly, and I was just trying to be quiet and not twitch as much as usual. And not freak out. That part was pretty hard.

So once all questions were asked and forms filled out and I was breathing weird-smelling oxygen, then the nurse had to put the IV in and I started panicking just a little. I’ve never gotten a shot. I didn’t know I was afraid of needles but GUESS WHAT I very much am. (Not as much as my dad though) So I kept my eyes shut and mom squeezed my hand and I focused my entire being on the lyrics to a Hermitcraft remix of all things.

Yeah I’m bad at focusing.

It didn’t hurt very much, and as long as I didn’t look at it I could mostly ignore the fact that there was a tube needle thing in my arm. So then I calmed down a little, which was helped by the fact that the nurse gave me a very soft blanket.

I am a simple woman, if you give me a blanket I will be grateful and pacified.

So then we waited, because APPARENTLY this was Show-Up-Half-An-Hour-Late-To-Work day for that hospital and the doctor wasn’t even there until like 7:50 or something. Mom had me tell her more about my random obsessions to distract me. (Guys I love my mom she’ll let me babble about minecraft youtubers for much longer than is comfortable for a normal human)

Then stuff started popping off. The doctor showed up, as did the other nurse, and then mom left and I tried very very hard not to move while they got stuff ready. Eventually they gave me the anesthesia.

I was not expecting it to hurt.

It hurt really bad.

So, like, the medicine was in this syringe, and they put it into the IV. And when they squirted it, it felt . . . it felt weird. It was kind of like getting shocked but it wasn’t quick. I made the saddest little ‘ow’ sound and the nurses both went ‘awwww honey’ and then I was gone.

I can kinda remember being unconscious, like, I was dreaming about weird colors and I was aware that I was asleep for a little bit. It felt like a long time.

I can remember pretty much everything from when I woke up, which I wasn’t expecting. The second I woke up I started talking and I did NOT shut up. Surprisingly, I wasn’t actually crazy. I was completely aware the whole time. But for whatever reason I just couldn’t shut up. Mostly I was very very dizzy.

Apparently the whole thing only took twelve minutes.

When I got in the car I kinda took inventory, figuring out what was what. The thing I mostly noticed was that my entire face was completely numb. I could talk but It was sooooo difficult and frustrating. And my mouth was incredibly dry, and I couldn’t swallow because of the gauze in my mouth. So I was quite uncomfortable and hungry. But nothing hurt!!! That was good.

My mom got a video of me on the way home (which I might put on my Youtube channel at some point because it has been requested) but it’s a little underwhelming. I said nothing funny.

When I got home my siblings screamed and wouldn’t stop asking if I was still ‘drunk’ and begging to see the video and bouncing around way too much for my tiny little drugged brain to process while I tried to consume liquids without drooling all over myself like a baby.

Do you know how hard it is to drink water when you can’t feel your lips?

Then I crashed for like . . . five hours. It was great. By the time dad got home from work I could speak normally and didn’t need the awful gauze in my jaw anymore.

Since then things have been getting progressively better. I’ve mostly been editing and watching Youtube videos (did you know that Technoblade has videos about when he had wisdom tooth surgery? Riveting stuff, totally didn’t steal his video title for this) and getting some actual work done on Embers Burning. Until Friday I had to take pills every three hours, even at night but now I don’t. On Wednesday I went to a bowling night with my youth group and was almost fully lucid. Thursday was really bad, but that was mostly due to the fact that eating is not really a thing anymore.

Did I mention that eating is not really a thing anymore?

That’s probably the most frustrating part of all of this, honestly. My food options are basically limited to yogurt, mashed potatoes, and smoothies. And while I love mashed potatoes with all of my heart eating them for most of your meals is not conducive to retaining your sanity. However, today (Sunday while I’m writing this, yes I know I’m a procrastinator on the highest level shush) I have eaten actual food with only minimal consequences. I hope to continue doing that because eating food is extremely pog.

They said to wait at least a week but . . . since when do I listen to rules? I do what I WANT

On an unrelated note my teeth hurt.

Anyhow THANK YOU for reading this blog post! I do apologize for the decline in content quality lately. It’s been matching the state of my life.

That is a joke, by the way, haha funny, everything is fine I’m joking iT’S A JOKE–

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See you all next week, when hopefully I can eat a hamburger without fearing for my life! Bye!!!


3 thoughts on “got surgery lol

  1. Okay, thank you sooo much for writing this!! I actually have an oral surgeon consult on Thursday, and so my surgery will be coming up 😱
    I’m glad it went well!!


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