The Adventures of a Clumsy Waitress

Oya everyone!

Remember how I got a job?

Yeah so that’s been a thing.

It’s fun! But stressful.

So I work at a restaurant called McAlister’s Deli, which is actually a place my family goes quite often. It’s very good food and the kid meals are cheap so why not? I work Front Of House, which basically means anything where you interact with customers. So far I mostly work the register, take orders, and make drinks, along with clearing tables and sweeping and such. There’s not a lot of us working Front, so it’s kind of hectic. Especially since between eleven am and three pm we normally have a line out the front door nonstop.

It’s for sure an experience.

Some fun things have happened in my first week: the tea canister wasn’t sealed properly and leaked over the entire counter which took me nearly twenty minutes to clean up, I had to explain to like a hundred people that there were no potatoes and deal with their disappointment and in some cases anger, I had to work the register completely by myself for over an hour.

However I also impressed an old man with my plate-stacking skills. He didn’t think I could pull it off. I did.

Ace: 1. Gravity: 0.

And they all said I was gonna get fired for being too clumsy . . .

In fact, many things have broken in the four days of me working, and NONE of it has been my fault.

So yeah.

I have some very nice coworkers, they are extremely patient with me when I forget things or mess things up. Which actually hasn’t been happening at quite the frequency I expected! I’m surprisingly competent! Who knew, right?

I also get free tea and lemonade whenever I want which is FANTASTIC.

But yeah, this week has been really crazy, I’ve never had a job like this before. I’m still working on figuring time management, sleep schedule (sleep schedule? I hardly know her), working with the diet I have to be on for my health stuff, and even mORE computer problems!!!


Everything is fine.

But yeah, just wanted to let you guys know a little of what’s going on because I’m pretty sure at least, like, three of you like just being updated. Which. Good for you, I do it a lot. By the time this is posted I will have been at work again and probably be exhausted out of my mind, unless you read it in the future. But honestly that will still probably be the case, given the nature of a daily job. And for those of you who are waiting for the next chapter of Space Velociraptor, don’t worry! It’s currently being worked on. And it’s a doozy, it is.

So I’ll see you guys next week, when hopefully I’m not quite so tired. Bye!


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