An Oreo Interview

Oya, everybody! I have a lot of writer friends. Some of them are as crazy as I am. Some of them are even crazier. But they’re all pretty epic. So, today you get to meet one of them. Introducing . . . . Gloria Oreille!

G: Hiya Ashley! 

Thank you so much for coming over here for an interview! Gloria is one of my closest writer friends. We’ve known each other for like, four years now. But she was writing long before I met her. So, how long have you been writing?  

G: Thanks for having me! I like answering questions. xP I’ve been writing for a very long time… don’t have an exact number of years, but I started writing stories when I was about 7-8. 

Wow. That’s quite a while, but you’re pretty fantastic so I wouldn’t doubt it. What made you want to write in the first place?  

G: My family, actually. We’ve always been a rather scholarly bunch, and once I saw my siblings writing I wanted to try it out for myself. 

What’s your current favorite book, and your current favorite author? (hard question, I know ;P) 

G: Oof, you’re right, that is hard. . . I’d have to say my current favorite book is either Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry, or Neverseen by Shannon Messenger. Shannon Messenger is also my favorite author right now. 

I’ll have to check those out. So, when you write, what genre do you usually write in, and why? 

G: Yes! Definitely check them out! Okay, so I normally write in fantasy or dystopian genres. Mainly because I’m kinda lazy, so I can just make up my own world and rules. Otherwise I’d write a lot more historical fiction, haha.  

Honestly, same. Tell me about these fantasy/dystopian stories. What are the ones you’re working on right now? 

G: I’m mainly working on two right now; a futuristic/dystopian story set in New York with a dash of magic, and a retelling of the Pied Piper story, which is of course fantasy. 

-slight fangirling since I know about these- Ahem. What do you get your inspiration from? 

G: All the places! It’s honestly a little weird how easily random things can inspire me. My main sources of inspiration comes from music or the outdoors… and maybe some extensive Pinterest scrolling, too. 

Ah, yes, Pinterest. Quite useful, that. When you’re tapping away on your keyboard, does it help your writing if you listen to music? If so, what’s your favorite writing music? 

G: Yep, it helps a lot! I don’t have any particular music that I listen to, but I have a playlist that gets me hyped for writing! It’s a lot of instrumental and electric music, with some songs that have lyrics. And if I know a story well enough, I like to make it its own special playlist that sort of embodies the general vibe of the story, ya know? 

I do indeedy. Unfortunately, I can never find enough songs to do that. So, since you write fantasy and dystopian, you get to use a lot of things that don’t exist in the real world, or just aren’t really used anymore. Like epic weapons. What is your favorite type of weapon, either to use or just to look at? 

G: Oh man… This is such a wonderful question. XD I love weapons of all kinds, but bows have a special place in my heart, for both use and writing. To look at: knives. 

Ooh, I agree. What is your favorite thing to describe when you write? (Mine’s probably people running into things, or falling in love. Y’know, the usual.) 

G: Haha, yes! XD Hmmm. . . I like describing scenery, or situations. And even though I try to hold back on this since I know it can get repetitive and slow for the reader, I love describing little things about a character. Like the certain way they pull a jacket on, or how they smile at the barista after getting their coffee. 

Yessssss. Speaking of characters . . . which of your book characters or OC’s (original characters) is your favorite??? 

G: O.O 

You ask much of me, Ashley. 


G: Alright, let’s see. . . This is gonna be tough, I don’t want to disappoint my kids– I mean my OC’s. :3 Sometimes I go through stages with my characters. Like I’ll like one charrie one day and hate them the next, depending on how difficult they get. And there’s a point where I really like a character when they start getting more developed. My all time favorite though has gotta be Saige. I mean… the boi’s never let me down. Aimery’s also getting a lot of development right now, so I’m loving him. 

I agree wholeheartedly. So, if one of your characters were to suddenly become real, who would you want it to be? (Probably not Aimery, I’m guessing) 

G: While I absolutely love the lad, you’re right. He’d happily cause all sorts of problems if he were real. I think I’d want Matthew Mayhem to become real, because while he’s a little uptight, we could also have a very chill afternoon together drinking tea and reading books, then go out and fight crime or track down rogue cyborgs under the cover of night. 

YES. I love it. Okay, I have just a couple more questions. Who do you think has helped you the most to become a better writer? 

G: Honestly? I was gonna say one of my characters, but that’d be totally wrong. The person who has helped me the most with writing would be my friend Piper. I’ve gotten so much practice and experience just by writing with her. And now we get to look back at our old embarrassing stories and laugh at them together. ❤ 

She’s epic. I’d have to say the same. Here’s another big question: what advice would you give a young, impressionable little newbie writer? Or an older, less impressionable but still wanting-to-know-things newbie writer? 

G: Oh hecc… 

For the Noobs: Write a lot, don’t worry about making it fantastic. I think right now trial and error is your best teacher, what matters most is that you’re here in the writing world and learning all the time. Take notes from your favorite authors, read as much as you can in as many genres as you can, and… don’t fall into the hole that is online fanfiction. Just… pretend it’s not there for now. 

For the Noobs 2.0 (that still wanna know things): Uhhh, keep reading! And take advantage of online resources. Look up some writing courses, join some writing communities, pick and choose what works for you and as always: write. Write messy, write late, write by hand, but don’t ever abandon your stories. They need you. 

You heard it here, folks, incredible wise advice from Gloria Oreille. Now . . . . for the last, most important question . . . describe a potato in the best way you possibly can. 

G: -clears throat importantly-

It was a root-like object. Pockmarked, and firm, but filled with the food of the gods. Such a versatile, starchy, nutritious piece of food had never been seen before outside of its french fry form laced in pure red ketchup.

How’s that? 😀 

I . . . . really want to eat french fries now. 

Thank you so much, Gloria! I hope you had fun with this crazy little interview, and I hope all YOU people reading this liked it and will go check out Gloria’s blog here and YouTube channel here (in which we actually did a video together) cos she’s epic. Bye Gloria! 

G: Bye! Can I give you a hug? 

You can certainly try. 

G: -hugz- Okay bye everyone! Thanks for the interview, Miss Everhart!


So now that you’ve seen a book review, some of my own stuff, and an interview with another writer, what other kinds of things would you guys like to see in future blog posts? I know that at some point I’m going to do some short stories and maybe some random Life stuff, but I’m sure you all have better ideas than I do at this particular moment. Leave a comment! Or two! Leave as many as you like! They’re like my favorite thing in the whole world.

Until next week,

– Ace

5 thoughts on “An Oreo Interview

  1. Hey!! I just saw your email from Chess and OH MY GOODNESS, I’M SO GLAD I DID!! I love your blog! It’s very funny and creative. I am now a loyal follower!

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  2. Loved this post! I have to admit, it can be easy to fall into the Fanfic hole. But it does come with picking up bad writing habits, and improper grammar.

    Thank you so much for the tips!

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