Cornfields and Creeper Vines

Oya everybody! How was your week? Was it good? Was it exciting? Boring? Tragic? Chock-full of heart-wrenching feels? Productive? Weird and time-loopy?

Dude, same!

So I was chilling outside, looking around, thinking about what the heck I was going to do for a blog post this week. I haven’t been doing much writing (as you saw last week) and so I couldn’t think of much writing-related content. Then the phrase Cornfields and Creeper Vines popped into my head and I was like

. . . . huh.

The internet peoples of the internet might enjoy seeing some pictures of the pretty vegetation around my house that gives me inspiration for settings.

So I sent my publicist/deal-with-people-person/concept artist/photographer Emily Lyn out into the field (literally) to take some pictures.

Here they are.





Hope you enjoyed

There will be better content next week



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