This Is Fine

Oya everybody!

I’d like to begin this blog post by informing you that I am currently attired in black combat boots, an assassin-ish mask, and a Spiderman hoodie meant for a nine-year-old.

Yeah I dunno why either.

Anyway HI! How was your week? Mine was stressful, exhausting, and extremely enjoyable, as anyone who has ever done a 5 Day Club will relate to. As such, I . . . didn’t have a plan for this week.

(I’m actually writing this on Monday. Wooo.)


As you guys all (maybe) know, I’ve written a full entire whole book. It’s called

I Promise I’m Not The Hero

The Adventures of an Ordinary Boy

and it’s likely the only thing I’ve ever written that I’m completely proud of. And I wanna publish it.

That is proving to be a mega stressful ordeal of doom.

First of all, one must figure out how self-publishing even works. After multiple months of research I’m still pretty clueless. There’s a site called IngramSpark that seems pretty legit and they gave me a bunch of free resources (!!!) so I might look more into them. My assistant/publicist/general dealing-with-people-person Emily Lyn has also helped me contact some more traditional publishers like the people that published The Story Weaver trilogy. However, only being around 52k words long, my lil novel is too short for them.


Mega stressful.

(While we’re on the topic, if any of you people reading this have experience with self-publishing and stuff like that, I’d greatly appreciate tips or advice or links or anything you think would assist me in my quest)

ALSO, in addition to actually publishing, a book must have a cover.

Even more mega stressful ordeal of doom.

Especially considering the fact that I am broke.

So here’s the thing; I really like the work of the illustrator Todd Harris. He’s done cover art and illustrations for some of my favorite books, like the Hero’s Guide series and The Map To Everywhere. I think that his style would be perfect for the feel of my book.

But I’m absolutely terrified to try to ask him. Like I know the worst that could happen is he says no, or ignores me, but, he’s like, famous! Am I even allowed to ask famous people to illustrate my first book ever when nobody even knows who I am???


Like I said, mega stressful.

My writing life is currently entirely composed of stress. There’s all that drama, and then the fact that I’m coming up on a terrifying date in October that marks the occasion of three years since I started Embers Burning, and I am in fact nowhere near it being anything good, or even close to halfway through. And the other book, the mystery one, I’ve got about three pages of because I’m genuinely terrified of it. I don’t know enough and I feel like I need to know everything before I start. It’s just so different from anything I’ve ever written before.

So, I’ve gotten practically nothing done since November and have been mostly watching Hermitcraft and X Life and begging my friend to write with me at all times because yeahhhhhh.


But you guys feel like this sometimes, right? I’m pretty sure you do. Back in March or April, you said “I’m gonna get SO MUCH DONE, I’m going to learn ALL THE THINGS, I’m going to COMPLETELY REINVENT MYSELF and get my LIFE together!”

And then you sat on your bed and watched YouTube.


(this became more of a stressed rant than a ramble, didn’t it?)

(Oh well. This is fine.)




Hey, look at you! You made it all the way down here without getting scared off or bored! That must mean you enjoy the post, right? Perhaps you even . . . like it?

-jazz hands in the direction of the like button-

And if you can’t like this post because you’re reading it off the notification email, get over here! It’ll just take you a few more seconds to come to the actual website, and trust me, it’s a good idea. See, if you guys give me a lot of views, likes, and comments, the internet will figure out that I actually exist and that people enjoy my stuff, which is very good for everyone involved.

I’m starting a new chunk in my blog schedule, also, and I have to admit I’m running out of content ideas. What kind of stuff do you enjoy seeing on blogs? Tell me in the comments and maybe I’ll do it! See you next week!


One thought on “This Is Fine

  1. Hey there! I know how book-writing-depression-ranting-rambling works (I recently made the decision to trash the WIP that I’ve been working on for years and rewritten 2-3 times, am doing Camp NaNo, and am skipping between a few other stories, including one I’m co-writing with friends)! On self-publishing, there’s two YouTube channels I think could help you. One is called iWriterly, and the other is called Publishable. On the subject of cover design, I think you should totally ask Todd Harris! I looked him up, and his art is great! I mean, he might say no, but if you don’t ask he can’t say yes!

    Anyways, that was a long comment. Toodles!

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