Little Dudes and a Crime Boy

Oya everyone!

It’s that time of year again! Next week is camp week and I am beyond excited. However that means that there will be no post next week, as I will be very busy being a staff member, keeping secrets, evaluating practicums, inspecting cabins, teaching. It’s gonna be GREAT.

But yeah, no post next week.

And for this week I have stuff to show you!

You see I have been in a rather artisty mood lately, which doesn’t happen often. I’m not particularly good at art, simply don’t have the coordination for it, although I have been improving. But this week I did three art things. I put stickers on my guitar case, I drew a new character, and I painted seven little wooden dudes.

I will now show them to you because I think they are pretty pog.

The Wooden Dudes

Here they are! My boyyyyyys

Yes, they are Youtubers. My friend Elizabeth (<3) gave me these little wooden dudes and I could see nothing but the Sleepy Bois Inc in their smooth little faces.

It went surprisingly well, what with my history with using paint.

So from left to right we have Ranboo, Tubbo, TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, Philza Minecraft, and Dream (who is not part of the SBI but they are blob-shaped, I couldn’t not make him). I love these smol boys with my whole entire heart.

And yeah they look kinda messy, they’re like an inch tall and I have no talent what do you want from me.

Here’s some more pictures.

The boys from the back, ft. Philza’s poor wings and a netherite sword attached to absolutely nothing because I forgot.

The Sleepy Bois Inc in all of their found-family-they’re-brothers-your-honor-dynamic.

BenchTrio my beloveds. They are definitely thinking about committing war crimes.


: )

The Crime Boy

Now I shall introduce you to my current favorite character.

My baby boy.

My beloved.

My sweet, charming, dirty little crime boy.


I’m not simping you are

This is Fionn. He is a half-siren vigilante, around nineteen and three-quarters years old. His appearance and speech patterns are loosely based on the character of Wilbur from the Dream SMP, because yeah.

He grew up with a human dad and a siren mum, who both loved him very much and raised him the best they could under the circumstances. Said circumstances being a rather nasty war. He doesn’t remember the details too clearly, but he does know that when he was around fourteen he was alone and running.

And then somehow he found himself in an entirely different world, one with violent automatons and broken families and dirty streets filled with those that had no homes to retreat to when curfew hit, and a disgusting, all-present, whispering green fog.

So there he finds himself, nearly fifteen years old, with nothing and no one, starving and sick on a cold night.

And then gets adopted when a certain pair of vigilantes find him digging through trash like a sad little raccoon and go ‘it’s free son’.

Fast forward around five years and he’s a smooth, charming spy, one of the best in the business, not even having to use his siren voice to convince and silvertongue his way into high Imperial society. Also, adopting gremlins of his own.

Aislinn and the gang may or may not be going through a group adoption arc with some of Ari’s characters right now,

I just really really really love writing him.

Maybe one day he’ll make an appearance in a book, and only you guys will know the reference.

Anyhow that’s what I’ve been doing this week. Art and new characters and lots and lots of preparation for next week. I hope you’re all doing well and continue to do so and I’ll see you after camp.

Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Little Dudes and a Crime Boy

  1. So pog! Your little dudes are SO CUTE!! I want to paint some now 🙂 And no, I’m not simping, YOU are XD (simping together?)

    Liked by 1 person

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