Oya everyone!

It’s April now! Lovely, innit? Finally free from winter’s grasp, time for warmth and life and–

Oh it’s supposed to snow again in a couple days?


Love that for me.


Did any of you get Got on April Fool’s Day? I didn’t, but that was because I didn’t really. Do anything. Honestly just watched Hermitcraft and Just Roll With It and did not consume media other than that.

Am I stalling?



I am.

I’m sorry, okay, it was a wild week! So much stuff was happening, I barely knew what year it was much less what to write for a blog post. I feel bad but like. What can you do?

Wait. Wait I can totally spin this.

HA! You see it was ALL an elaborate ruse! You thought you would be getting a blog post but NO! APRIL FOOLS! Several days after the fact, which makes it all the more UNEXPECTED AND A GOOD PRANK. You have been gotten good, thoroughly bamboozled! HaHA!

Yeah that’s all I got see you guys next week.


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