Uh Would You Look At That It’s 2021

Oya everyone!

It’s January now.

And it is very cold.

I don’t know about you guys, but where I live there’s almost a foot of snow covering everything and it hasn’t gotten above thirty degrees in two weeks.

Very very cold.

And to be completely honest, not much has been going on that I can write about. I’ve no short stories or book reviews or deep meaningful ramblings.

I was going to write some nonsense about French Toast in the style of Ranboo’s spatula video, but I lost interest in that. And other than that I really had no ideas.

So my first post of 2021 is not the banger I hoped it would be. Will this be an indication of how the rest of my posts this year will go? Probably. But next week, oho next week. Next week will be cool.

Not that I have a plan or anything.

It’s fine.

Anyway I’ll see you guys next week, when I have something good for you. Bye!


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