Quick Update

Oya everyone!

You may have noticed there was an unexplained absence a couple weeks ago. My bad. You see, I was moving bedrooms. Like, moving into a different bedroom, not moving a whole — you probably get it. So yeah I’m in the garage now, except it isn’t a garage anymore it’s a really cool bedroom with a window that faces east and fancy floors and so many plants. That took a few days, right around the weekend when I usually write these things, so blog just didn’t happen.

While we’re here, might as well tell you a few cool things that happened the last couple of weeks. Jacob and I finished watching Lord of the Rings, so expect a post on that pretty soon with his thoughts. We acquired two new calves. It’s been raining a lot and that is nice.

On Thursday we went to see Wicked, and that was awesome. It was just so cool. A lot of the cast was the original Broadway cast as well, which I did not expect and was just. So cool. It was so well done and immersive, I did forget that I existed a few times while watching. (I also had an Orb of gummy bears which is neither here nor there)

I came up with another story idea. No idea if this is going to be a book or not, but it is something that wants to be written so who knows? A Beauty and the Beast retelling with a spin I don’t think I’ve seen before but that works really well. Also some progress has been made on figuring out what’s happening next in Embers and we are inching towards publishing I Promise I’m Not The Hero.

If anything else interesting happened I’ve forgotten it, what is time anymore? I sure don’t know. Anyhow I’ll see you next week with hopefully something really good! Bye!


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