I’m Not Actually That Creative

Oya everyone!

Those of you who know me and have read a lot of my stuff may have noticed that, contrary to popular belief, I am not actually very creative.

Not when it comes to characters anyhow.

Used to be, I would pride myself on making my characters realistic and relatable. I would look at certain popular stories and flip my hair and go ‘Ha! Look at that unoriginality! Imagine only having two types of characters you can write!’

And then I looked at my stuff.

“Ah,” I said to myself. “I only have two types of characters I can write.”


I mean technically that isn’t true. I only have two types of boy characters I can write. And boy do I love em.

I really don’t know how this comes about. To be fair, they aren’t just copy-pasted into whatever story I’m working on. They have particular quirks and looks and things that make them special. But they really do only fall into two categories.


Y’all know what an enderman is right?

Image result for enderman

This is an enderman.


So is this but you don’t need to worry about that right now.


They are tall and socially awkward, but sweethearts on the inside and good for hugs. I love them muchly. Apparently so much that half of my dude characters resemble them.

Take Nikko, for instance.

A small number of you know Nikko Bestburst. He’s a scientist, an inventor. Very anxious and antisocial, though he has good reason. He used to be an EVIL scientist, until a bunch of stuff happened including the loss of his only friend and adoption by his arch-nemesis.

To be honest I wrote his story when I was like fifteen and it is not among the things I am proud of.

But he was the first. Then came Brendan. You guys know a little bit more about Brendan. I’m currently reworking him to be a bit better than he is, but I doubt he’ll get too far from his enderman roots.

His son is much the same as him, though with inspiration from Orpheus and even — though I’m a bit ashamed to say it — Wilbur Soot, he’s getting better too.

There are more boys in this category, including Kayden When He Is Old, Duncan Timberline, Jack Connor, Skandar, Ben, Xavier Dylan, Jeff.

But the next category . . .


Now this boy.

This boy.

This boy is my love.

You know that guy, the guy who’s a troublemaker but you can’t help but love him, who does everything with a lopsided grin, who listens to music, maybe has a guitar, could be a pickpocket or could be a warrior.

I have so many of these.

I just . . . they’re so cool okay?

And very very good for sidekicks.

There’s so many of this kind of character that I just fall in love with. Razo from The Goose Girl is for sure one. Grian and Etho and Impulse from Hermitcraft. Branwell from The Glass Town Game. Jacob Frye from Assassin’s Creed. So, so many more.

But as to my boys of this type,

We have Jack. We have other Jack. Kip. Mick. Matty. Joktan. Jasper. Will. Jackson. Evan. Kayden When He Is Not Old. Jeremy Sparrow. Aidan. Sam. Jok. Many boys without names. I love them all.

They’re just so fun. And I guess they’ve the same personality type as me, so I know them. These kind of guys are the guys I usually want to hang out with in real life, because they’re funny.

I just can’t stop makin troublemaker boys and honestly I ain’t even mad.

But what about girls, you say?

Well . . .

Girls are hard.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.


4 thoughts on “I’m Not Actually That Creative

  1. Why is this actually relatable! I feel you, only I have the reverse problem. Boys are hard for me to write and I only have like, two types of girl characters XD

    Liked by 1 person

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